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Release notes

Stay up to date with the latest Seller Forums improvements.

Feature updates

  • Images in posts can now be expanded. We’ve heard your feedback that it can be difficult to view and navigate images contained in a post. You can now click to zoom in and browse through multiple images on one post. This change eliminates the need to close an image to view another image in the same post.
  • You can now sort discussions by “Latest Activity”. A part of building community is knowing what discussions sellers are actively engaging with. If you sort your discussions using the latest activity sort, on the Forums homepage, discussion tab or group tab, you’ll see discussions appear that have the most recent activity by sellers or Community Managers. If you enjoy this sort, you can save it by going to your Sort By drop-down, selecting Change Default and clicking Latest Activity.
  • Now you’ll see the upload status for each image you upload to Forums (whether you’re creating a discussion, replying to a post or editing your profile picture). Previously, images would upload to the post creation section and if an issue with the image was discovered, you would get an error saying the images didn’t upload correctly without specifics on why they failed to upload. Now the upload pop-up will tell you exactly which image had an issue and what that issue was so you can make corrections when posting to Seller Forums.
January 1, 2024

Feature updates

  • Welcome, worldwide sellers! The new Seller Forums experience has expanded across sixteen additional stores worldwide. You can use the country picker on the top right of Seller Forums to view forums in other countries. Only those who sell in those countries can interact within those forums. Discussions posted within a specific forums should be related to that particular country (e.g. Harmonised Sales Tax is associated to Canada and should primarily be discussed in the Canadian Seller Forums).
  • All 10 “Browse by category” buttons are now displayed on the Seller Forums homepage. Previously, these appeared larger and a few categories were hidden with the option to expand and view. Now, you can easily find the category you’re looking for without additional clicks.
  • Threads that haven’t had any replies in the previous 30 days will automatically close. We’ve heard your feedback and closing old posts keeps them from getting resurfaced to ensure current information is being shared. Additionally, you will now be able to flag and vote on closed threads. To learn more about closed threads, go to New forums feature: Auto Closure for aged Discussions.
  • Occasionally, you’ll see discussions pinned on the homepage, on the discussion tab or in a group. Pinned discussions raise awareness for important announcements, highlight Community Manager and partner team-crafted content, and usher sellers to our live Ask Amazon events.
October 15, 2023

Feature updates

  • Icons will now appear on discussion topic cards to indicate if a post has an Amazon reply or a reply that was marked most helpful. This will help you identify posts that are more likely to provide solutions if you have similar questions to those posts. You can also use quick filters in the discussion search to find most helpful replies, Amazon replies and your discussion topics. To see what the new icons look like, go to New forums feature: Icons on discussion topics.
  • Sort and time filters now give you the option to set your defaults in your Groups and Discussions pages. These settings are saved across Groups and Discussions pages on the same device. You can still temporarily change the sort and time filters for a one-off search and then select Clear all filters to reset to your default setting. To learn how, go to New forums feature: Set your default search options.
  • Group notifications for every new discussion have been removed to reduce the number of irrelevant notifications. You will still receive notifications for activities such as replies and votes on your group posts.
July 16, 2023

Feature updates

  • Browser tabs now state what page of the Forums sellers are visiting. This update allows for easier navigation when multiple Forums tabs are open.
  • Sellers’ Amazon Storefront name is now displayed alongside Global account name to help increase trust and mutual respect among sellers. The Amazon Storefront name is the same name that is displayed on your seller profile in the Amazon store. Storefront names are only visible to those who are logged in to Seller Forums.

Bug fixes

  • On the seller profile page, there was a bug that reset metrics at the top to 0. It has now been fixed to accurately reflect seller activity.

Previously released in January and February

  • Sellers can quote posts by highlighting previous text and selecting the “Quote” option. (See our quick tip post here). This feature enables better, clearer and more specific discussions with other sellers and community moderators.
  • Sellers can mention other sellers or community moderators. (See our quick tip post here) Mentioned users will receive a notification, improving directed conversations on the Forums.
March 26, 2023