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FBA Small and Light frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about Fulfillment by Amazon’s (FBA’s) Small and Light program

How is FBA Small and Light different from standard FBA?

FBA Small and Light is an Amazon fulfillment solution for small, light-weight products priced £9 or €10 or less (including VAT). This program offers lower fulfillment fees versus standard FBA fulfillment fees on comparable products when shipped locally. You can find more details about FBA fees, including those for the Small and Light program, by downloading the rate card for each of our stores: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain. Fees are subject to change and should be regularly reviewed.

What happens if the price of one of my FBA Small and Light enrolled products increases above £9 or €10?

The product will remain enrolled in FBA Small and Light, but standard FBA fulfillment fees will apply.

How do I identify which of my offers are eligible for FBA Small and Light?

Go to the FBA Opportunities tool to identify which of your offers are eligible for Small and Light. For more information about the tool, go to our Help page.

How do I disenroll offers?

Before disenrolling offers, make sure there is no inventory left in Small and Light. Go to Remove products from the Small and Light program to disenroll your offers.

For details on how to remove inventory, see Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.

How do I add or remove MSKUs?

To add products to Small and Light, use the Small and Light product enrollment page. To remove products, use the Small and Light product removal page.

Are expiration-dated products allowed?

Yes. Small and Light accepts expiration-dated products, but temperature-sensitive products, like chocolates, are not accepted between May 1 and October 14. Small and Light follows the standard FBA requirements for expiration-dated inventory.

Does the program offer customer returns?

Yes, with FBA Small and Light, Amazon provides fulfillment and customer service for your orders, including processing customer returns.

For information on how Small and Light refunds and reimbursements will be applied to your account, see FBA customer returns policy. All refunds can be tracked in the Returns Report.

Note: To ensure a great customer experience, we may accept returns beyond the time frame stated in these policies.

Can I use Pan-EU with FBA Small and Light?

Yes, you can now enroll eligible Small and Light offers in our Pan-EU FBA and European Fulfillment Network (EFN) programs.

With Pan-European FBA for Small and Light, you can:

  • Send your inventory to a single location to fulfill in pan-European marketplaces.1
  • Provide the Prime experience to millions of customers for your eligible products.
  • Save on fulfillment costs by paying local fees in countries where you enable us to store your products.
  • Accelerate your growth with flexible storage close to your customers, at no additional cost to you.

...all while benefitting from FBA Small and Light fulfillment fees.

To be eligible for Pan-European FBA, you must list your products using the same SKU across European marketplaces1, then enroll your products in the Small and Light programs in your desired countries and enable inventory storage in those marketplaces.2

Products that are eligible for Pan-EU FBA enjoy local Small and Light fulfillment fees in countries that enable inventory storage, and EFN fees in countries that don't enable placement. For more information, go to our Small and Light rate card.

See our Small and Light Pan-EU guide or download the pdf version for further details.

1This covers,,, and To stay informed of changes related to Brexit, go to Prepare your Amazon business for Brexit.

2By enabling countries for inventory storage, you authorize Amazon to move any of your FBA inventory in any or all of those countries, at no additional cost to you. Storing goods in a country outside your home store country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business, as well as Intrastat and other reporting requirements. Go to European VAT education to learn more.

Can I use my existing MSKU when shipping FBA Small and Light units to a fulfillment center?

To use an MSKU for Small and Light, you must have one that is based on an offer in FBA. Enroll your seller-fulfilled unit in Small and Light and then convert it to FBA.

If you want both Small and Light and seller-fulfilled units, we recommend that you create a separate offer for each so that you have one MSKU for Small and Light and another for seller-fulfilled units. Update or create multiple offers at once using the Inventory Loader tool.

What are the barcode requirements for FBA Small and Light?

Small and Light barcodes have the same requirements as standard FBA barcodes. As such, each unit requires an individual barcode, and products without a manufacturer barcode require an Amazon barcode.

You can print Amazon barcodes from within your seller account and apply the barcodes yourself. You can also sign up for the FBA Label Service if you'd rather have Amazon apply the labels for you.

How do I remove my inventory under Small and Light?

You can create a removal order in Seller Central to remove your program inventory, just as you normally would for your standard FBA inventory. Normally, removals (including returns and disposals) can take 10 to 14 business days to pick, pack, and process. However, removal times may increase to 30 days or more during peak removal periods, which occur in February, March, August, and September. For more information, go to Remove inventory.

When will I get paid for my sales?

Sales for Small and Light are treated just like standard FBA sales, and proceeds will be distributed at the same frequency. For more information, go to Getting paid.

What reports are available to track my inventory and sales?

To track successfully enrolled Small and Light offers and inventory levels in the fulfillment center, download the Small and Light inventory report. For sales and inventory data, see your FBA reports including Amazon Fulfilled Shipments (AFSR) and Inventory under the Reports tab.

Will I get customer service for my orders?

We provide the same fulfillment and customer service for your Small and Light orders as we do for standard FBA.

Are there gift options available for Small and Light items?

No, gift options are not currently available for Small and Light items.

Where can I learn more about standard FBA services?

For more information, go to Fulfillment by Amazon.

Can I sell Media products on Small and Light?

Small and Light is available for Media products that meet the eligibility criteria.

Are there different eligibility criteria for enrollment into Small and Light vs. the bulk file upload tool?

No, the eligibility criteria are the same.

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