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Dynamic direction indicators

If you list products on our store, you must comply with all EU, local laws, and regulations and our policies applicable to those products and product listings, including this policy.

Dynamic direction indicators covered by this policy

A dynamic direction indicator is defined as a device mounted on a motor vehicle or trailer which, when operated by the driver, signals the intention to change the direction in which the vehicle is proceeding. This applies solely to fixed-position flashing light devices whose flashing is obtained by the intermittent supply of electric current to the lamp.

Our policy for dynamic direction indicators

Amazon’s policies require that dynamic direction indicators sold through the store must comply with the requirements of the German traffic regulations.

Dynamic direction indicators must be certified as per UN ECE R6 and UN ECE R10. Approval is shown by two approval marks and two approval numbers affixed on the product itself.

Proof that the product is certified can be demonstrated either via images of the product showing the markings (including the number of the body for authorization and regulation, for example, Ex 10 R – xx xxxx) or by documentation showing the certification or approval by the notified body.

Required markings are shown below:

A circle surrounding the letter "E" followed by the distinguishing number of the country which has granted the approval. The circle is followed by 10R, a dash and the approval number.

The above approval mark affixed to a vehicle or ESA shows that the vehicle type concerned has, with regard to electromagnetic compatibility, been approved pursuant to Regulation No. 10 under approval No. 0X XXXX. The approval number indicates that the approval was granted according to the requirements of Regulation No. 10.

Note: Approval should indicate both, UN ECE R06 and UN ECE R10.

How do I request approval to sell dynamic direction indicators?

In order to sell these products on Amazon, you must apply by submitting the following to

To speed up the process, submit one application per family ASIN/variation/model number. Provide genuine product images or packing showing the above markings, or documentation showing the certification or approval by the notified body, for each ASIN or model number you want to list.

We also require:

  • Your company name (if applicable) and seller ID
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A list of ASINs you are applying to sell
  • The country or countries where you would like to sell your product
  • Clear product image that displays brand name, model number, UN ECE R6 and UN ECE R10 certified product markings

By applying to sell these products, you verify that all materials that you submit are true, authentic, and accurate.

How do I request reinstatement if the suppressed product is not a dynamic direction indicator?

To request reinstatement, you must submit the list of the suppressed ASINs along with you seller ID and justify the exclusion of these ASINs as dynamic direction indicators to

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