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Delivery Speed metrics

Delivery speed metrics are defined calendar days between when a customer views an offer on the product detail page and the Promised Delivery Date provided on the product detail page. The metrics are presented as a distribution of delivery promises weighed by the product detail page views. The metrics measure the percentage of the product detail page views that is displayed as One-day or Two-day delivery promise.

To get insights on metrics that improve the customer experience, we recommend that you review the Delivery Speed metrics across all of your Seller Fulfilled Prime offers.

Important: Delivery speed is measured by the delivery promise of Prime offers based on your order fulfillment settings and shipping template settings. It does not include the effect of additional transit time padding from poor carrier performance.
Note: Delivery speed metrics are rounded up to the nearest whole number and communicated as ‘less than or equal to’ using (<=) and ‘greater than or equal to’ using (>=) for one-day and two-day delivery promises.

Less than or equal to (<=) the one-day product detail page view percentage is the percentage of your products’ detail page views with a delivery speed of one day or less.

Less than or equal to (<=) the two-day product detail page view percentage is the percentage of your products’ detail page views with a delivery speed of two days or less.

The number of product detail page views with a less than or equal to one-day or two-day divided by the total number of product detail page views is used to calculate the percentages of each metric provided on the Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance page.

There is no delivery speed target you need to achieve to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime status. However, we recommend that you aim to maintain a high one-day and two-day delivery promise bar on your Prime offers for better customer experience. You are able to filter for Delivery Speed metrics for a time period of seven days, 30 days, six months, one year, and an option of custom ranges.

Performance metrics

Your Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance page shows the Delivery Speed metrics at the top, followed by other performance metrics (On-time Shipment, Buy Shipping usage, Cancellation Rate, and On-time Delivery) at the bottom. Delivery Speed metrics are categorized under Delivery Speed Metrics and other metrics are categorized under Delivery Performance Metrics or Eligibility Metrics.

Download Speed Report

The Download Speed Report link generates a report that shows an ASIN that has affected your Delivery Speed metrics. Learn more about the Speed report.

How to improve Delivery Speed metrics

Here are a few things you can do to improve Delivery Speed metrics:

  • Enable or increase Prime coverage of One-Day Delivery. If you are using Shipping Settings Automation to set your Prime regions, you may improve coverage by adding additional shipping services. Learn more about Shipping Settings Automation.
  • Set your order cut-off time to a later time in the day to improve your Delivery Speed metrics. You should align with your preferred carrier(s) on a pick-up schedule before changing order cut-off times.
  • Use shipping services that pick-up and/or deliver to customers over the weekend. Learn more on how you can customize your fulfillment settings including order cut-off times, and weekend operations.
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