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Post a public reply

Under Feedback Manager, you can post a public reply under a specific feedback. Frequent usage of this feature will enable prospective buyers to view your response to the feedback, which can potentially increase their trust in your business. Follow the steps outlined to post a public reply to specific feedback:

  1. Go to the Feedback Manager.
  2. In the Recent Feedback table, next to the Order ID, select Post a public reply under the Actions column.

Note the following guidelines when you post a public reply:

  • Do not provide any private information about yourself or the buyer including personal information such as contact information (names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses) or payment information.
  • Leaving a response will not have a numerical impact on your feedback score.
  • Once submitted, responses can be removed, but they cannot be changed.
  • Do not ask the buyer questions or start a dialogue because buyers cannot respond to your public reply.
  • If the buyer's feedback is suppressed in the future, this response will also be suppressed.

  • Buyers have 90 days to leave feedback from the time that their order is confirmed and can remove feedback anytime, at their discretion. Amazon will remove feedback only when it meets the criteria specified in our policy. For more information, see Can Amazon remove buyer feedback?
  • You cannot offer discounts or other kinds of incentives in exchange for positive feedback or the removal of negative feedback. For more information, see Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.

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