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Understanding item package weight and dimensions

What does “item package weight and dimensions” refer to?

Item package weight and dimensions refers to the weight and dimensions of the individual unit that you’re listing under a FNSKU. The weight and dimensions include the unit’s packaging, such as the individual box or polybag. The item, item package, and case can all have distinct weight and dimensions. FBA fees are based on item package weight and dimensions.

In the illustration below, the duck is the standalone item. The duck in a box is the item package and the four ducks in boxes comprise a case.

How do I determine my item package dimensions?

Amazon uses a variety of sensors instrumented throughout fulfillment centers to capture item measurements. The measurement sensors will capture your item packaging edge-to-edge, including loose material, such as plastic bags, or loose parts, such as handles.

To replicate potential machine measurements, take a single item package, with the item inside, as it would be received by a customer. On a flat surface, fully extend loose packaging material, such as polybag flaps and package handles, to capture the maximum item package dimensions. Measure the item package’s longest edge as its length, its second longest edge as its width, and its shortest edge as its height.

If one or more of these dimensions is varies across the package, due to a bulge in the packaging or something similar, measure the longest or thickest part of that dimension. To minimize the dimensions of deformable packaging, ensure that the packaging doesn’t exhibit loose material by using methods such as tight-fitting or vacuum-sealed polybags, or taped flaps.

Which fees use item package weight and dimensions in their calculation?

Fees that use item package weight and dimensions in their calculations include FBA fulfillment fees, monthly storage fees, long-term storage fees, FBA inventory storage overage fees, FBA removal order fees, FBA disposal order fees, fulfillment fees for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders, FBA inventory placement service fees, and FBA prep service fees.

Is loose packaging counted toward item package dimensions for fee calculation purposes

Yes, the measurement sensors that capture dimensions in our fulfillment centers will evaluate packaging edge-to-edge, including loose polybag and protruding handles. To minimize the dimensions of deformable packaging, ensure that the packaging does not exhibit loose material by using methods such as tight-fitting or vacuum-sealed polybags, or taped flaps, so that the dimensions of the same item packages are as similar to each other as possible.

What is a remeasurement request?

Fees for FBA services, such as fulfillment fees and storage fees, are based on item package weight and dimensions. If you believe that the item package weight or dimensions associated with your FNSKU are incorrect, you can submit a request for a remeasurement. We will locate a unit belonging to your inventory and remeasure it in one of our fulfillment centers. Your FNSKU’s updated weight and dimensions will apply across all marketplaces within the region where we received your request.

How do I prevent discrepancies between the size tier that I believe to be correct, and the size tier that Amazon is applying to my item?

The following packaging practices minimize size-tier discrepancies:

  1. When you design your packaging, avoid dimensions that are close to the size-tier boundaries. Learn more about fulfillment fees here.
  2. Packaging should be snug against your product. Avoid packaging products in loose polybags with excess material, such as polybag flaps.
  3. Ensure that loose packaging parts, such as handles, stay tucked against the box.
  4. Packaged items should maintain similar edge-to-edge dimensions from one item to the next.

When possible, avoid the following items and packaging types, which cause the most common discrepancies:

  1. Soft items that bulge out of its box packaging
  2. Deformable or loose packaging, including plastic bags with excess material
  3. Packaging with movable parts, including handles that pop out, or floppy string handles
  4. Packaging that is close to the threshold between fulfillment-fee size tiers
  5. Packaged items that vary in edge-to-edge dimensions, such as one package with a lot of excess polybag, and another package with a tight-fitting polybag

How do I request a remeasurement?

You can request a remeasurement through the Remeasure FBA products and confirm fees widget. Locate the widget by typing “remeasure” into the search bar.

Is there a limit to how many remeasurement requests I can make each month?

Yes, effective September 29, 2021, monthly request limits will be set at the account level. Limits per account allows us to respond faster to all requests.

Where can I find my account’s remeasurement limit and usage?

Effective September 29, 2021, your remeasurement limit will be displayed under the Remeasure FBA products and confirm fees widget. Locate the widget by typing “remeasure” into the search bar. The limit is based on the number of offers with inventory in your account. As you submit requests, we’ll subtract from this limit. On the first of each month, we’ll reset your account’s request count back to zero.

Only submit requests that you believe will result in a change to your fees. When you submit too many remeasurement requests that don’t result in a fees changes, we may not be able to process requests that are impacting fees in a timely manner.

What if I have more requests to make than are available as part of my monthly limit?

You may submit those requests the following month. However, in a given month, if we detect that a high percentage of your remeasurement requests are resulting in changes to your fees, we’ll increase your account’s request limit to ensure that we’re able to provide the assistance that you need. In this case, you’ll see a message to proceed with submitting your request.

What are other reasons why my remeasurement request may not be processed?

Other reasons we may not be able to process remeasurement requests include the following:

  • There is no inventory in our fulfillment centers, or inventory is not in a location that is accessible to associates.
  • You have already submitted two remeasurement requests for the same FNSKU within the last 60 days. This cap is independent of account level remeasurement limits. Even if an account is still able to measure additional FNSKUs in a given month, each FNSKU can only be remeasured twice within the preceding 60 days.

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