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Create A+ content

Adding A+ content to a product may help customers engage with the product features, educate them about your products, and get them excited about your brand, which is key to driving a purchase and growing brand awareness.

You can include the following types of A+ content:

  • Enhanced product description: Provide more details on product features and uses to complement the bullet points and images on the main product detail page. These additional details help customers make purchase decisions by proactively answering their questions.
  • A+ brand story content: Educate customers about the history of your brand, the brand’s values, and product lines.

To create A+ content for your product, follow these steps:

Note: A+ content doesn’t support HTML tags.

  1. In Seller Central, go to Advertising > A+ Content Manager.
  2. To add content, click Start creating A+ content.
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to name your content, choose the language, and choose your content modules. Save your content as you go to avoid losing changes if you exit the feature. You can stop at any step and resume your work at a later time, just save your work as a draft before you exit the application, or your work will be lost.
  4. Populate the text and image slots. You do not need to populate the entire module with images and text; the templates represent the maximum amount of content you can upload. Although you can leave image or text boxes empty and still produce quality content, we do suggest you include both images and text to provide customers with the most thorough content. When adding an image to your content, you can either choose an image in your Media Library or upload a new image. The Media Library includes images you previously uploaded in A+ Content Manager or other programs, such as Sponsored Brands, and allows you to categorize your images with tags and search, sort, and filter the images based on size, last modified date, and other criteria. You can preview your A+ content at any time to see how your content will look on desktop and mobile devices.
    Note: If your images are too large, they will be re-sized to fit the maximum sizes listed next to each template box (but not if they are smaller than the template limits). You can also crop and scale your images directly in the tool.
  5. You are required to submit alt-text, previously known as image keywords. If you choose a previously uploaded image from the Media Library, you can use the existing alt-text on the image or customize the alt-text for that content. Alt-text should be a simple sentence describing the image (for example, “Blender on kitchen counter next to fruit, yogurt, orange juice, and a smoothie glass”). Alt-text does not show on the product detail page, but is used by visually impaired customers and screen reader apps, and helps your products in search results.
  6. Add products to your A+ project, ensuring to apply all the ASINs from an ASIN family. You can apply A+ to parent or child ASINs or both within an ASIN family, and across ASIN families. To apply A+ to ASINs, after creating A+ content, add any ASIN from an ASIN family to the search box in the ASIN management section to find all the ASINs in a family, then select the ASINs you want and click to Apply content. You can also use our bulk upload feature (up to 500,000 ASINs) to upload a spreadsheet with the ASINs that you want to apply. You will be required to use Bulk upload if you want to add more than 1,000 ASINs to the content.
  7. Create language variation drafts in other languages for customers in other countries. For instance, since many customers in US choose to shop in Spanish, rather than English, create a language variation for Spanish in US. This step copies your content and applied ASINs as drafts so that you can add translated content, and then review and submit later.

    To help customers who shop in our stores in different languages, we may also create language variations automatically. The automatic content translations are only created for languages where you have not previously published content. You can edit or delete translations using the A+ Content Manager.

    To help customers who shop in our stores in different countries, we may also translate and publish A+ content automatically to different countries for ASINs that have previously been localized to those countries. You can edit the translated content once it has been translated.

    Note: It is not currently possible to copy content from one country to another. You will have to recreate the A+ page from the designated account.
  8. Review the final draft of your A+ project and all ASINs applied to it, and submit your changes for approval.
    Note: The system allows you to have 20 pending submissions in review at one time.
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