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Price not changing: troubleshooting guide

If the price is not changing in Automate Pricing as expected, verify that your listing meets all necessary criteria.

I. Confirm that the SKU is active

If the SKU is inactive, it will not reprice or surface in Automate Pricing.

  1. Select Inventory Manage Inventory.
  2. Enter the SKU in the search bar and click Search.
  3. Under Status, verify that the SKU is listed as Active.

Note: For additional information regarding inactive SKUs in Automate Pricing, see Frequently Asked Questions about Automate Pricing.

II. Check whether the price was changed manually and the rule setting for the SKU

You can choose to continue repricing or pause repricing after a manual price update through feeds, Manage Inventory, or a third-party repricing software.

To find out if your SKU was paused due to a manual price update:

  1. Select Pricing Automate Pricing.
  2. Click Take Action.
  3. Click Edit SKUs.
  4. Enter the SKU and click Search.
  5. Review details in the Your price column. If the listing is paused, Repricing paused: Price changed manually appears.
  6. To continue repricing, under Action, click the arrow next to the Take action button.
  7. Select the rule assigned to the SKU.
  8. Select Start repricing.

To set your preference to continue repricing after manual price updates, follow these steps below:

  1. Select Pricing Automate Pricing.
  2. Click Take Action for the rule to which the SKU is assigned that you want to make changes.
  3. Click Edit rule parameters.
  4. Click the down arrow of 3 Rule parameters to expand.
  5. For the Do you want to continue repricing if you update your price elsewhere in Seller Central? question, click Yes, I want to continue repricing.
  6. Click the Save this rule in Amazon button.

III. Check whether the offer has active promotions

Automate Pricing does not reprice offers that have active promotions or a sale price.

  1. Select Inventory Manage Inventory.
  2. Enter the SKU and click Search.

    If there is a green box around the field in the Price column, the offer is running a sale price.

IV. Check whether the offer matches the repricing rule criteria

Automate Pricing only changes the price of an offer if the entire rule criteria matches. For example, if you set the match low price rule and match the lowest price, your price does not change.

Note: For additional information about repricing rules, see What happens to my price if…

V. Check that the SKU is assigned to a rule

To verify whether the SKU is being repriced by Automate Pricing:

  1. Select Pricing Automate Pricing.
  2. Click Edit SKUs.
  3. Enter the SKU and click Search.

    If the SKU has a rule name assigned in the Rule name field and Stop repricing option is enabled when you click on the Take action button, then the SKU is actively repriced. Otherwise, the SKU is not currently assigned to any rules for repricing.

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