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Get started with A+ content

A+ content offers brand owners a way to engage with customers to showcase the detail page with supplemental marketing content on their branded ASINs.

Using the A+ Content Manager, you can describe your product features in different ways, whether its highlighting aspects of your brand with the A+ brand story features, or deep diving on product feature information with the enhanced product description features.

Who can use A+ content?

A+ content is meant to be used by brand owners. To add ASINs to your A+ content, you must be a professional Seller and registered as the brand owner of that ASIN through the Amazon Brand Registry Process. A+ content is also available for emerging brand owners who have been approved for certain managed selling programs, such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. If you have registered your brand but still do not have access to A+, contact Brand Registry.

We do not charge any fee for adding the Standard Enhanced Product Description and A+ Brand Story content features. If we implement a fee for new types of A+ content in the future, we will make an announcement in the A+ content tool ahead of time so that you know about any change, and your existing content will not be impacted.

Why use A+ content?

Adding A+ content to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates to increase sales, help to reduce negative reviews by highlighting product features, and increase discoverability when paired with ads, deals, or coupons. A+ content provides brand owners the opportunity to answer a customer’s most common questions by providing relevant brand and product related details. This information can help drive more rapid purchase decisions and reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

What are the features of A+ content?

Your A+ content can include the following content types, which display in separate sections on the detail page:

  1. Enhanced Product Description

    Provide more details on product features and uses to complement the bullet points and images on the main product detail page. These additional details help customers make purchase decisions by proactively answering their questions. The Enhanced Product Description appears in the Product Description section of the detail page, and includes:

    • Access to a diverse set of modules/layouts for content creation
    • Custom paragraph headers and images
    • Unique image and text layouts
    • Product comparison charts
    • Rich text editor, including bulleted/number feature lists
    • Comparison charts allow for a minimum of 2 products/2 attributes to compare items in a product line or across your brand

  2. A+ Brand Story content

    Educate customers about the history of your brand, the brand's values, and product lines. Brand Story has 1 module with up to 19 pre-formatted cards within a carousel experience. Brand Story appears in the From the brand section on the detail page, and features include:

    • Carousel display with full screen background on desktop and mobile devices
    • Image and text cards
    • Links to other products and your Amazon brand store

    You can publish content to all ASINs that you own as a registered brand owner in Amazon Brand Registry, and have up to 20 pending submissions in review at one time.

  1. If you want to upload and manage product videos, you can use Upload and manage your product videos in Seller Central.
  2. A+ Content features are not yet formally supported for ASINs sold through Seller Central in the Books, Music, Video, or DVD (BMVD) categories at this time.
  3. A+ content enhance product description is not the same as Amazon Business enhanced content, which is a separate tool lets you upload separate file documents to the detail page.

A+ content placement

A+ content submitted by sellers shows in the product description section of the detail page. The "From the manufacturer" section of the detail page is reserved for A+ content from retail vendors. In most cases, A+ content contributed by an Amazon retail vendor that appears in the "From the manufacturer" section will appear in place of the Seller submitted content that appears in the "Product description" section. As the manufacturer of the product, Amazon retail vendor A+ content is prioritized to prevent competing A+ content submissions on a single ASIN. If an ASIN already has A+ content contributed by a retail vendor at Amazon, you will not be able to add or edit A+ content.

When adding A+ content for your ASINs, your A+ content will hide the current plain-text product description. Ensure that your A+ content includes all the necessary details from the plain-text product description field. Even though the plain-text product description is not shown, it is still best practice to make sure that changes you make to the Enhanced Brand Content product description text are also reflected in that field as well in Manage Your Inventory page.

A+ recommendations

Occasionally, A+ recommendations presented on the landing page of the A+ Content Manger are ranked by page views, and are intended to help identify high traffic ASINs within your catalog that don’t currently make use of A+ content or can help improve existing A+ content.

You can also launch these recommendations as a prioritization workflow from the content-type selection page after clicking to start creating A+ content. When you complete, save, or skip any recommendation, the next highest impact recommendation will be presented to you. If you’re not ready to take action for a given recommendation, use the dismiss function to hide that item for 30 days.

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