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This article applies to selling in: Germany

Box content information for FBA shipments to Amazon

By providing box content information, you enable your products to move through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) network more efficiently and become available for sale sooner. Sellers who have provided this information have seen their shipments received faster, and have experienced an overall increase in the accuracy of their inventory records.

We require sellers to provide accurate box content information for every box sent to Amazon. Box content information includes:

  • Unit quantity of each SKU per box
  • Expiration dates (if applicable)
  • Box weight
  • Box dimensions

If you do not provide accurate box content information, Amazon must manually process your box contents, and we will assess a manual processing fee. The fee is £0.12 per unit for items sent to United Kingdom fulfillment centers and €0.14 per unit for items received at fulfillment centers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland or Czech Republic. If VAT is applicable, it will be assessed in addition to the manual processing fee.

If your shipment consists of multiple boxes and you do not provide box content information for all of them, the manual processing fee will be applied to all units in that shipment.

How to provide box content information

You can provide box content information using any one of the methods shown below. If your shipping processes do not support providing box content information, you can choose to skip that step and have Amazon manually process your shipment for a fee.

You must indicate in the shipment creation workflow which method you are using to provide box content information. If you do not indicate one of the methods above, the manual processing fee will be assessed.

Box content information is required even if your box contains a single SKU or single unit. If your entire shipment is packed in a single box, you do not need to provide SKU quantities.

For more information on how to provide box content information in Seller Central or Marketplace Web Service, see Provide box content information.

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