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Pan-European FBA product eligibility

A product will be active in Pan-European FBA only after you create an active FBA offer for it in each of the Amazon European marketplaces (,,,, and from the same inventory pool. All products and offers are subject to the following eligibility requirements:

  • Products must be permitted to be sold in each Amazon Europe marketplace and not subject to legal, compliance, compatibility, and operational limitations. (Example: Plugs provided on products on must be compliant with all of the applicable standards before making the item available for sale, but they may not comply with standards throughout Europe.)
  • ASINs must be enrolled in FBA and exist in all Amazon Europe marketplaces.
  • All FBA offers for the same ASIN must be linked to the same inventory pool.
  • All units for an ASIN in one inventory pool must be labeled or stickerless. Inventory cannot be labeled in one marketplace and stickerless in another.
  • Labeled ASINs must have the same FNSKU across all marketplaces. If you have used different MSKUs, follow these steps to align them for enrolment.
  • Commingled inventory must have EAN/UPC barcodes identified for all five European marketplaces.
  • ASINs will not be commingled across fulfilment centres in different countries. ASINs that are commingled in one marketplace, however, may be eligible for Pan-Europe FBA.
  • You can have a self-fulfilled offer and a Pan-European FBA offer for the same product. You cannot, however, have an FBA offer and a Pan-European FBA offer for the same product.

ASIN eligibility may change from time to time, and ASINs enrolled in Pan-European FBA can be designated as ineligible. You can view the current status of an ASIN by downloading the Pan-European Eligible ASIN Report on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page.

If you want to enrol ASINs for which you did not have a previous FBA offer or that does not have inventory in stock, you must create the offer or convert it to FBA and send inventory of these ASINs to Amazon to make them active. Make sure to send enough units to keep a sufficient level of inventory to fulfil all your offers. Note: Units will not be available for sale while they are transshipped across Europe.

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Aligning MSKUs

If you have used different MSKUs, follow these steps to align them for enrolment:

  • Select one of the ASIN’s MSKUs for use with all of the inventory. We recommend the MSKU for which you have the most inventory.
  • Sell out or remove all your inventory of the other FNSKUs and stop replenishing them. Note: If you remove this inventory across marketplaces, you will pay only domestic removal fees.
  • Send all future units of this ASIN to Amazon using the MSKU you picked in step No. 1.
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