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Required removals

After providing 30 days' notice to you, Amazon will require you to remove FBA inventory units that are unsuitable for sale from fulfillment centers.

This may include inventory that is not in sellable condition (for example, unfulfillable or unsellable) or that does not have an active offer on Amazon stocked.

If you do not create an active offer for those units or remove them after 30 days, Amazon may dispose of them.

Removal fees may apply

Before you are notified of required removals

Seller Central can help you identify inventory that is not in sellable condition or not listed for sale.

View the Recommended Removal report to identify inventory recommended for removal. You also can enable automatic removals for units that are in unsellable condition or that would incur a long-term storage fee. For more information, see Remove Inventory Automatically.

Note: To maintain inventory health and consistency across sellers, any ASINs that are removed after triggering long-term storage fee criteria (+365 days) should not be restocked for the following 8 weeks.

Identify units of Amazon-fulfilled inventory that do not have corresponding offers on Amazon by visiting the Fix Stranded Inventory page. You can view your Stranded Inventory report at any time in Seller Central (sign-in required).

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