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This article applies to selling in: Germany

Listing Guidelines for E-cigarettes and Related Products

All e-cigarettes and related products—including e-shisha and e-hookah cigarettes—and their cartridges, deposits, and liquids are prohibited if they contain nicotine. Sellers should explicitly state ‘Nicotine Free’ or ‘No Nicotine’ in the product detail page of all nicotine-free e-cigarette listings.

In addition, effective April 2016, all products covered by the Youth Protection Act (including E-cigarettes and related products) must be sold only to people aged 18 years or over, and you must have sufficient procedures in place to verify that the customer is aged 18 years or over. If you ship the products yourself, you are obliged to use a shipping process that provides an age verification when handing over the product to the customer. If you are shipping your products via FBA, Amazon will be taking care of that. Products that need to be shipped with an age verification process, which include e. g.:

  • E-cigarettes, E-Shishas
  • Device parts, like
    • Atomizers,
    • Heating elements,
    • Tanks,
    • Cartridges,
    • Clearomizers,
    • Mod boxes
  • E-Liquids (including Base Liquids and aromatized Liquids)

When listing these products, you have to make sure that they are listed in the following way:

  • Category in which they must be listed: Health and Personal Care
  • Product Type: HealthMisc
  • Attribute "customer_restriction_type" to be filled with: e_cigarettes_de

Additional Useful Information:

How can I check that I am meeting all the above requirements?

  • Categorization: If your e-cigarettes and related products are not in the Health and Personal Care category, you can raise a case with Seller Support to change the category in which they reside.

To do this for any ASIN:

  1. Click Help at the top of the Seller Central start page.
  2. Click Contact Us, choose Selling on Amazon, Products and inventory > Product page issue > Fix a product page
  3. Search for your product, then click Select Product next to the relevant one.
  4. Under What would you like to fix?, choose Category from the list of options, then enter “Health and Personal Care” in the text box.
  5. Under Why should we accept your updates?, select Other reason and enter “E-cigarettes policy” in the text box.
  6. Fill in your contact information and click Send. Repeat this for all e-cigarettes and related products not in the Health and Personal Care category.

  • Flagging: If your products require an e-cigarette flag, please follow one of the 2 processes below for flagging your ASINs.

Flagging ASINs in bulk through Flat Files

(Follow this process for either updating existing ASINs with the e-cigarette flag or creating new ASINs with the e-cigarette flag)

  1. In Seller Central, choose Inventory > Add Products via Upload.You can also download this file and proceed to step 5.
  2. In the new version of Seller Central, click the Download an Inventory File tab then click Category-specific inventory files. In the older version of Seller Central, click Download Template.
  3. Select the Health and Personal Care Inventory File Template.
  4. Open the file.
  5. Click Enable Editing at the top of the spreadsheet.
  6. Scroll to the Templatesheet at the bottom.
  7. Do either of the following:
    • If creating a new ASIN: Fill in the mandatory columns in the Template sheet.
    • If updating an existing ASIN: Fill in SKU,, external_product_id (ASIN or EAN), external_product_id_type (ASIN or EAN), Product Type: HealthMisc, Update_delete (select: Partial Update).
  8. For each product, select the e_cigarettes_de flag in the customer_restriction_type column.
  9. Save the Inventory File Template as Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt).
  10. In the new version of Seller Central, go to the Upload your Inventory File tab, and select Inventory Files for non-Media Categories from the File type drop-down menu. If you are in the older version of Seller Central, in the Upload Inventory Files section, select Inventory Files for non-Media Categories from the drop-down menu.
  11. Click Browse to locate and select your Inventory File Template to upload.
  12. Click Upload(new version of Seller Central) or Upload Now (old version of Seller Central).

Flagging ASINs directly in Seller Central

Follow this process for updating ASINs already listed in your inventory with the e-cigarette flag.

  1. In Seller Central, choose Inventory > Manage Inventory.
  2. Search the product and click Edit on the right side.
  3. Go to the More Details tab and scroll down to Customer Restriction (E-cigarette Products).
  4. Choose e_cigarettes_de from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save and finish.
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