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Add or remove Subscribe & Save products

You can add products to or remove products from the FBA Subscribe & Save program by uploading a tab-delimited spreadsheet saved in .txt format.

Before trying to add products, make sure that you and your products are eligible for the program. For more information, see FBA Subscribe & Save.

Inventory file template

Use the Subscribe & Save inventory file template to prepare your request.

The template contains three tabs:

  • Instructions:  Directions for using the template
  • Example: A sample spreadsheet
  • Template: A blank spreadsheet for shipping individual products
Important: If you disable product offers or withdraw from the Subscribe & Save program, you are required to continue to fill orders for up to six (6) months after you remove your offer or withdraw from the program. Failure to comply with the six-month commitment may negatively affect your seller performance metrics. Reference Terms and Conditions for further details.

Prepare and upload inventory file

To prepare the inventory file:

  1. Open the spreadsheet and review the instructions on the Instructions tab.
  2. Review the example on the Examples tab.
  3. On the Template tab, in the SKU column, type the MSKUs of the products that you want to add to or remove from the program.
  4. In the Action column, type Enable for products that you want to add or Disable for previously added products that you want to remove.
  5. On the File menu, click Save as. Browse to your preferred location. In the File name text box, type a name for your spreadsheet. In the Save as type drop-down list, select Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt). Click Save.

To upload the inventory file:

  1. On the File upload page, click Upload inventory file.
    Important: This page will not be available unless you are eligible for the Subscribe & Save program. For more information on eligibility requirements, see FBA Subscribe & Save and FBA Subscribe & Save terms and conditions.
  2. Click Browseto locate your file, and then click Open. After your feed is processed and verified, a summary of your file appears on the Preview page, including successfully processed SKUs and any errors that were generated.
  3. Exclude products that generate errors by clicking Exclude.
    Important: All SKUs that generate errors must be excluded from the inventory file before you can proceed.
  4. To complete the process, click Update eligible SKUs.

Common upload errors

Error Message Possible Reasons How to Correct
Subscribe & Save ASINs already available from another seller Amazon offer already exists. This offer is not available for other sellers. Remove from file
In-stock rate below the minimum threshold required for Subscribe & Save The in-stock rate of a product you are loading must be greater than 85%. For example, inventory must be in stock for 26 of the last 30 days. Remove from file until the in-stock rate is greater than 85%. Check the inventory in stock report filtering on FBA listings with the time period set to 30 days so you know the current in stock rate.
An unexpected error occurred while uploading your feed. Please try again later Either:
  1. You saved the wrong tab from the Excel template to .txt
  2. Invalid characters in the file name. Valid characters include: alphabetic, numeric, or ! @ # $ % ^ & * ()_+
  3. You have more than 300 products in the file

  1. Save the correct tab
  2. Remove invalid characters from the file name
  3. Limit the file to 300 products
Invalid Rows Either:
  1. At least one of the SKUs in the file is a variation
  2. At least one of the SKUs in the file is set to FBA
  3. You attempted to disable a SKU that is not an offer

  1. Use the SKU of the child ASIN
  2. The SKU must be an FBA listing to be enabled
  3. The offer must first exist in order to be disabled
Offers not currently buyable The listing has 0 inventory. Add inventory
If your SKUs did not upload successfully You did not finish the upload process. Make sure you exclude all errors, and click the Update Eligible SKUs button
The file's header row is missing or invalid You have made a formatting change to your file headers (e.g., capitalization changes). The header row is for Amazon use only and must not be modified or deleted. Download the template again and use that new copy, or insert the correct header row directly above the column headings in your existing file.
Offer is ineligible for Subscribe & Save Either:
  1. The ASIN of the SKU had a previous offer that was blocked.
  2. The product is not in an eligible product category.

  1. Remove products with blocked offers
  2. Only select products from eligible categories
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