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Amazon Handmade: Maker Profile

Use your Maker Profile page as a place to tell customers about yourself and the products you make. The information you share on this page will be visible to Amazon customers and should only represent you and your business. See this video to know about how to make your Maker profile.

Note: You will need to create a separate Maker profile in each country that you are selling in. Your profile image, store name, storefront images, and your short URL are automatically populated along with other updates to these fields. You are responsible for any translations in the Inspiration and About you areas of your profile.

Your profile information

Update the following fields:

  1. Your profile image: Upload a picture of yourself, or something that reflects you, your brand, and the products you make. This image should be at least 200 pixels on the shortest side.
  2. Store name: Your store name should be unique and distinctly representative of you and your products.
    Note: Your store name and short URL should match the display name you entered during registration and mirror the store name used on your website or at craft fairs. The store name must:
    • Accurately identify the maker
    • Not be misleading
    • Include only information that the Maker has the right to use
    • Not contain an email suffix such as .com, .net, biz.
  3. Craft: Tell customers about your area of expertise.
  4. How are your products made?: Describe your creative process, including how you make your products and the materials you use.
  5. Country & ZIP: Show customers where you live. We respect your privacy and will only share your state or country.


Note: When uploading images to be displayed in your maker profile, ensure that you have all requisite rights, power, and authority to use the images you upload.

Upload your store cover image:

The store cover image appears at the top of your maker profile and it is the first impression that customers get when they access your store.

Your store cover image should be reflective of what you are offering. Feel free to update this photo at any time. For the best results, we recommend that your final image be 1200 x 350 pixels. To upload your store cover image:

  1. Open the Maker Profile editor.
  2. Click Images.
  3. Under the Store Cover Image, click the camera icon over Add a Main image for your store, select a photo to upload from your computer, and then click Open to upload it.
  4. Click Save when complete.
    Note: If you do not have a store cover image ready, you can use one of our default images: Blackbrick, Burlap, Colorwood, Darkwood, Leather, Lightwood, Parcel, Slate, Wavywood, and Whitebrick.

Tag your store cover image products:

If any of your listed products are displayed in your store cover image, you can add a tag for that product. When you hover over the tag with a mouse, it will display the listing for that product that customers can click on. If using a photograph with images of your products, we recommend to use products with broad appeal.

You can tag up to five different photos in your store cover image. To tag a photo:

  1. Open the Maker Profile editor.
  2. Click Images.
  3. Click one of the numbered buttons next to Add Product Tags.
  4. Select a product you would like to tag.
  5. Drag the product tag anywhere on your Store Cover Image.
  6. Click Save when complete.

You can update your cover image and the tags used at any time.

Additional images:

Adding additional images of your studio, workspace, or inspiration is a good way to tell your customers more about you and your craft. You can add up to three additional images. Additional images should be at least 500 pixels on the shortest side and between 1,000 and 10,000 pixels on the longest side.

To add additional images:

  1. Open the Maker Profile editor.
  2. Click Images.
  3. Under the Additional Store Images section, click the camera icon, select a photo to upload from your computer, and then click Open to upload it.
  4. Click Save when complete.

More about you

Use this section to tell customers or Amazon about yourself in your own words.

  1. First name: Enter your first name, or the name you would like customers to use when they interact with you.
  2. Inspiration: Add a headline inspiration statement for your store to let customers know what inspires you as a Maker. This will appear in large font directly underneath your store cover image.
  3. About you: Tell customers about your background, how you got started, and your areas of expertise. What is your creative process like? Where do you get inspiration from?
  4. Social media accounts: Enter your social media account information here. We will not publish this information to customers. However, Amazon Handmade may use this information to connect with you when looking for sellers to feature in our store.

Featured products

You have the ability to select up to four products to feature on your Maker Profile and create a custom title for those products. For example, Are you having a sale? Maybe you want to feature items that are on sale with a custom title of “Fast Selling Items” or “September Sale Items”.

  1. Open the Maker Profile editor.
  2. Click Featured Products.
  3. Enter a custom title in the Custom Title field. For example, Top Products from <Your Store Name>.
  4. Under Select A Product to Feature, click on the numbered boxes and select the items that you would like to have featured.


After you have made all of the updates to your maker profile, click Save & Publish. Your maker profile will publish and will be visible to customers on Amazon. You can update this information anytime you like.

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