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FBA Small and Light

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FBA Small and Light is an Amazon fulfillment solution for fast-moving, small, light-weight products priced £9 or €10 or less (including VAT).

Small and Light can help reduce the costs of fulfilling orders for eligible items, especially if you are currently fulfilling these orders yourself. Signing up for FBA is easy, and so is enrolling in Small and Light.

The program is subject to the FBA Small and Light Terms and Conditions.

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Benefits of Small and Light

  • Reduced fulfillment costs improve your margins and make your offers more competitive.
  • Prime eligibility makes your products stand out to Prime customers with free Standard Shipping.
  • Amazon’s trusted fulfillment and customer services provide cross-language phone and email support, day and night.

How it works

With these quick and easy steps, Small and Light can help you simplify fulfillment and scale your business:

  1. Register for FBA.
  2. Enroll your eligible offers in FBA Small and Light. For more information, see the product eligibility requirements below.
  3. Send us your inventory.

Follow our prep and packaging guide and send inventory to the fulfillment centers that Amazon specifies. Each shipment must contain at least 24 units per ASIN.

Product eligibility

Products must be in new condition, measure 33 x 23 x 5 cm or less, weigh 225 g or less, and be priced at £9 or €10 or less (including VAT).

The product types listed below are not eligible. Crushable products such as crisps and glass are eligible if they are properly packaged.

  • Category, Product and Content Restrictions
  • FBA Prohibited Products
  • Adult products
  • FSK18 or USK18 products
  • E-cigarettes or related products (whether or not they contain nicotine)
  • Hazardous products, including items that contain lithium batteries or magnetised material (for more information, refer to the dangerous goods identification guide)
  • Products that require sign-on delivery or other age verification process
  • Temperature-sensitive products (such as chocolates) between May 1 and October 14
  • Products with existing FBA offers that use manufacturer barcodes for tracking instead of Amazon barcodes.
  • Slow-selling products—either ASINs offered on Amazon for more than four weeks that have sold fewer than 10 units in the last four weeks. Or ASINs that are not expected to sell at least 10 units in the next four weeks, if the ASIN was created in the last 90 days. Not included are new items (items that have never been introduced to or sold on Amazon) or items that have only been seller-fulfilled. These items enjoy a 90-day trial period in Small and Light while they onboard and up level in terms of sales velocity required to participate in the program.

Program fees

Except for the fees below, all standard Selling on Amazon fees and FBA fees apply to Small and Light.

Small and Light program fulfillment fee (per unit, sold on Amazon)
Envelope size UK (£) Germany* (€) France (€) Italy (€) Spain (€)

Small envelope 80 g or less

20 X 15 X 1 cm or less

£0.60 €1.00 €1.40 €1.45 €1.35

Standard envelope 60 g or less

33 X 23 X 2.5 cm or less

£0.80 €1.15 €1.60 €1.60 €1.52

Standard envelope 210 g or less

33 X 23 X 2.5 cm or less

£0.85 €1.32 €2.10 €1.85 €1.65

Large envelope 225 g or less

33 X 23 X 5 cm or less

£1.42 €1.95 €3.45 €2.60 €2.18

* Sellers with FBA inventory in Germany who do not participate in the Fulfillment Network Expansion (Central Europe program) authorizing Amazon to store and process German FBA inventory in Amazon's fulfillment network, including Poland and the Czech Republic, are charged an additional €0.25 fulfillment fee per unit shipped from German fulfillment centers.

Note: If your product’s package dimensions (any side) or weight exceed any of the maximum values listed, move to the next tier.
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