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Add your products using inventory files

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

If you want to add multiple product listings at the same time, you can do so using inventory file templates. These templates are tab-delimited text files (.txt) that include all the information to list your products on Amazon.

We recommend you have a basic understanding of data files before attempting to use inventory file templates.

Watch this video tutorial:

What do I need to do before using inventory files?

  • Install a spreadsheet program if you don't already have one on your computer, for example Microsoft Excel.
  • Identify the product category for your products and download the appropriate template through the Add Products via Upload page.
  • Request approval (if necessary) to sell in specific product categories. To know more, go to Categories and Products Requiring Approval.
  • Match your products to the Amazon catalog. Amazon creates listings for your products based on information you include in your file in this order.
    1. Match ISBN, UPC, JAN, or EAN: If your file includes a product identifier (ISBN, UPC, JAN, or EAN) for any product and a matching identifier exists on Amazon, we will attempt to find a match for your product.
    2. Match manufacturer or biographical information: If your file does not include ISBN, UPC, JAN, or EAN identifiers for a particular product, we will attempt to match based on manufacturer or bibliographic information you've submitted in your file. An exact match is required to create a listing.
    3. Create new listings: If we cannot find matches to our existing catalog using product identifiers or manufacturer or biographical information, and you provide enough data in the upload file, we will create new product pages for those listings.

      Your inventory will then reflect on these pages to create offers for customers. If there is insufficient information to match to existing pages or to create new pages, you will receive an error message in the processing report, following your upload. Use this report to diagnose and correct errors in the file you uploaded. When you are ready to upload the edited file, click the Return to upload page link, and re-upload your file.

Add your products using inventory files

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