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The difference between "item_package_quantity," "unit_count," and "number_of_items"

What is the item quantity ("item_package_quantity")?

This field indicates the quantity of individually packed items that have their own barcode and could also be sold individually. For example, this entry would be valid for a set of two coffee items, if each could be sold individually. In this case, you would enter "2" into this field.

This is not the case with bundled products. Even if the items included could be sold individually with their own barcode, the item technically has its own unique barcode since it is a bundle. In this case, you would enter "2" in this field, since the barcode you are using applies to the whole box, not the individual units inside.

Important: For some categories and on select marketplace sites, it is possible to enter values other than "1" for this field if a seller wishes to offer items in bulk instead of bundles (as long as the products contained in bulk are identical).

What are the guidelines for creating ASINs?

Sellers can create a new ASIN for various quantities of items, if there is no existing ASIN already for the specific quantity, simply by uploading the original EAN and the new desired item quantity ("item_package_quantity"). No new ASIN will be created if you upload a new item quantity ("item_package_quantity") without an EAN.

Does the item quantity ("item_package_quantity") mean something different than the unit count ("unit_count") or number of items ("number_of_items")?

Yes, these fields deal with different information: sellers can use "unit_count" or "number_of_items" if they want to sell a product that has just one individual EAN but also includes individual items that do not have an EAN.

What is the unit count ("unit_count")?

The number of individually packed items in your product that do not have their own barcode and cannot be sold individually. For example, this field would be filled for a package containing six packs of monthly disposable contact lenses that cannot be sold as individual lenses. In this example, you would enter "6" in the "unit_count" field and "1" in the "item_package_quantity" field. Additionally, the unit count field is used to calculate the price per unit or weight/volume.

Important: If you fill out either of the attribute fields for sales weight ("item_display_weight") or sales volume ("item_display_volume"), then those will be displayed instead of the price per unit (gram, kilo) or price per volume (milliliter, liter), since sales weight and sales volume have a higher priority than unit count. You can find more information on the "Base Price" tab in the inventory file template.

What is the number of items ("number_of_items")?

The number of items similarly indicates the number of individually packed items that do not have their own barcode and cannot be sold individually, combined with the actual item you are selling. For example, a box of 24 chocolates, with each chocolate weighing 300 grams, you would enter "25" in the "number_of_items" field. The unit count field won’t be used here, since chocolates require the base price to be displayed, so the sales weight field ("item_display_weight") must therefore also be filled with the value "150." Since the sales weight field has a higher priority than the unit count field, the unit count will not be displayed on the product detail page.

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