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Add product images

You can provide one main product image and up to eight alternate image views for your product listings on Amazon. For information about preparing images, see Preparing Product Images. You can add an image either when you create a product page or after the page is already created. It can take up to 24 hours after adding an image for it to appear on the website.

To add an image to an existing listing:

  1. On the Inventory drop-down menu, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Click Edit on the far right of the page for a listing.
  3. In the next window, switch to the Images tab and then click Browse for the first empty image placement.

    The Main image is in the top left corner.

  4. Select an image from your computer and click Open.
  5. Click Save and finish to add your image to the listing.

To add an image to a new listing:

  1. In Manage Inventory, click Add a product, located at the top-right of the page.
  2. Click the Create a new product listing link and browse for your products category.
  3. Complete the fields under the Vital Info and Offer tabs.
  4. On the Images tab, click Add Images.
  5. In the pop-up window, under the Images tab, click Browse for the first empty image placement.

    The Main image is in the top left corner.

  6. Select an image from your computer and click Open.
  7. Click Save and finish to add your image to the listing.

Upload Images FAQ

Will my image be displayed immediately after uploading it to the page?

As soon as your image is uploaded, it will go through a technical review. Once it has successfully passed this, the image will appear on your page. The photo will then go through a quality assurance review if necessary. Should the image not meet our standard, it will be rejected and removed from your page.

How can I make sure that my image isn’t rejected?

As long as your product image meets our standards and requirements, it won’t be rejected. See also: Product Image Requirements.

How long will it take for the quality assurance review to be completed?

The quality assurance process will be completed in 2-3 business days.

What are the most common reasons an image gets rejected?

You can find an explanation for all rejection codes here

What happens if I try to re-submit an image that has recently been rejected?

Our system will automatically remove an uploaded image that has previously been rejected. Similarly, images that have successfully passed our quality assurance test in the past will be automatically exempt from the process. Every uploaded image has a test number, a kind of identification number. If an image has already been accepted or rejected in the past is re-uploaded, our system will double-check the test number against our entire image database and repeat the previous decision to accept or reject the image.

I’ve finished setting up the products I want to sell, but the listing images haven’t been created yet. Is it possible to upload a placeholder until I’ve created the proper product images?

Amazon strictly discourages uploading placeholder images, since these are images that do not provide any information about the product.

What happens if the main image for my product listing is rejected during the quality assurance process? Will my listing be deleted?

Listings are never deleted because of missing images. However, products lacking images are designated as defective, and this error is displayed in Seller Central. You will also receive an error notification. Product images are a decisive factor in providing a positive shopping experience for our customers. In our experience, product listings without images get fewer clicks and therefore have a decreased sales potential.

I’m having difficulty creating images that meet Amazon’s standards. Can Amazon help me with this? Where can I find help?

At this time we are not offering sellers support for professional shoots and/or image processing. We can only recommend visiting a local photography business to assist you in creating images that conform to our standards. When searching for businesses in image retouching, processing, or photography studios, you should use the following keywords to find the appropriate results: "releasing images," "image release service," "image processing," "image processing service," "product photography," "product images," etc.

The following tools and services are already used by our sellers: (free software), Gimp (free software), Adobe Photoshop, Decompose (only for Mac, Apple OS), Yantram Image Edition Studio ( and Pixelz ( We cannot guarantee the quality of these suggestions.

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