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Classify your products using Browse Tree Guides

Amazon customers find products through search and browse. When customers browse, they can further refine their search by choosing specific product categories and subcategories.

You can use the Product Classifier or a Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to help you identify the correct categories for your products.

A Browse Tree Guide is a category-specific document that provides unique numbers and keywords that are associated with a certain browse path on Amazon. You can use this information to assign your products to specific categories and subcategories.

To use a Browse Tree Guide:

  1. Go to Inventory File Templates and download the appropriate Browse Tree Guide.
  2. Follow the instructions in the guide and choose the categories and subcategories for your products. Use the corresponding browse node IDs when you upload your inventory template file.

Browse Tree Guides

The Browse Tree Guide provides you with the unique browse ID numbers you use when creating links within your storefront. You can use the Browse Tree Guide to take advantage of the browse structure developed by Amazon.

Some categories require pre-approval before you can list items for sale. For more information, see Categories Requiring Approval.

Product Classifier

Use the Product Classifier tool instead of the BTGs to select classification for a listing. Click the button below to launch the tool. For more information about the Product Classifier, see Using the Product Classifier.

For refinement fields and valid values, continue to refer to your category’s BTG.

Do you sell in more than one European marketplace?

If you are selling in more than one European marketplace, you need to assign browse node IDs to your ASINs for each marketplace. The Browse Node Mapping Table will help you to identify the right browse node in each European marketplace.

Download the European Browse Node Mapping Table

The Guides

You can use these links to download a copy of the appropriate Browse Tree Guide for the categories in which you sell products.

Browse Tree Guide Do you sell in more than one European marketplace?
Apparel ("Bekleidung")

Download the EuropeanBrowse Node Mapping Table

Learn More

Automotive ("Auto & Motorrad")
Beauty ("Parfümerie & Kosmetik")
Business, Industry & Science
Computers & Accessories ("Computer & Zubehör")
Consumer Electronics ("Elektronik & Foto")
Grocery ("Lebensmittel") & Beverages
Health & Personal Care ("Drogerie & Bad")
Home and Garden ("Garten & Freizeit")
Home Improvement ("Baumarkt")
Jewelry (Schmuck)
Kitchen ("Küche & Haushalt")
Large Appliances ("Elektro-Großgeräte")
Lighting ("Beleuchtung")
Musical Instruments ("Musikinstrumente & DJ-Equipment")
Office ("Bürobedarf & Schreibwaren")
Pets ("Haustier")(Please use this BTG together with the Pet Supplies Inventory File Template.
Shoes & Accessories ("Schuhe & Handtaschen")
Sports ("Sport & Freizeit")
Toys ("Spielwaren & Kinderwelt")
Video Games ("Games")
Watches ("Uhren")

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