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How to best organize your warehouse for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon wants to help you grow your business with Seller Fulfilled Prime and get you started in the best possible way with the program. This page lists some best practices for physical warehouse space and operational flow. Please note that the page is for information purposes only and it is up to you how you organize your warehouse.

Physical Warehouse Layout

We recommend that you set up these five functional areas in your warehouse:

  1. The Admin Desk is used to monitor orders and create pick lists. We recommend that you choose a central location with a table, computer and printer.
  2. The Inbound Staging Area serves as a place to locate inventory before the inventory is received in the warehouse.
  3. Stow areas include shelving and floors where your inventory is held. We recommend that you create both physical and virtual bins to keep a full overview of the inventory that you already received.
  4. The Packing Stations are one or more area where products that were collected for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders are packaged for shipping to the customer. Each packing station requires a table with certain electronics such as laser printers and zebra printers to print labels from the Seller Central "Buy Shipping" tool. For more information on label quality, see section 4 of Carrier operational issues in Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  5. The Outbound Staging Area serves as a place to store packages that are ready for carrier pickup. We recommend that you have clear designated and labeled staging areas per carrier. This avoids that packages are handed over to the wrong carrier. You should also separate Standard and Premium orders with Seller Fulfilled Prime to help carriers prioritize shipment dates.

You should locate these five areas according to where the inventory enters and leaves your warehouse. This reduces the physical distance between the steps in your operational flow, which can improve your throughput rate and labor utilization.

Operational Flow

We recommend that you create pick lists of items needed for orders. You can use the following strategies:

  1. Time of order – Prioritize items according to their expected ship date. Pick orders that need to be processed on the same day before you pick orders with an expected ship date of the following day. Seller Fulfilled Prime orders that were purchased before 1 pm and that display in your system by 2 pm (local time) need to be shipped with a Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier on the same day. Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers should collect Prime orders between 2:30 and 3:30 pm at your warehouse.
    Note: Always make sure that you hand over all packages to Seller Fulfilled Prime carriers on time. For more information on carrier workflows and troubleshooting, see carrier operational issues in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

    We recommend that you review and print the first Prime orders in the morning, since customers often order in the evening. That way, you can avoid having to print all shipping labels at 2 pm.

  2. Size of items – Group ASINs and SKUs of the same size in certain areas of your warehouse. Create pick lists that focus on those zones to optimize pick efficiency. That way, you can use carts or bags to pick items of the same size.
  3. Location of items – Create pick lists that follow a logical flow according to the location of the items in your aisles and shelves. Store high-selling items close to packing stations and keep items with low sales in less frequently used areas.

We recommend that you keep Prime ASINs and SKUs in one area of your warehouse to reduce the time you need to pick these items.

Regularly check the accuracy of your Seller Fulfilled Prime inventory to ensure customer satisfaction. You should also regularly review your Seller Fulfilled Prime performance in Seller Central. Click Performance > Account Health > Eligibilities > Seller Fulfilled Prime Performance. This will help you make sure that you meet the Seller Fulfilled Prime performance metrics.

Note: If you encounter an issue that may have affected your performance, please contact Seller Support.

We hope these best practices help you grow your business with Seller Fulfilled Prime!

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