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Amazon VAT e-Invoices

Since 1 January 2019, Italian established companies are required to issue e-Invoices for B2B domestic supplies of goods and services. To comply with e-Invoicing obligation, VAT calculation service issues invoices in XML format that is accepted by “Sdi” (Sistema di Interscambio ) on behalf of the sellers. All such e-Invoices are transmitted to SDI exchange system. SDI validates the e-Invoices and delivers them to customers electronically.

VAT calculation service makes the e-Invoicing validation and delivery status available to sellers in VAT Calculation report on Seller Central. Sellers can also download the copies of XML invoices submitted to the SDI on Seller Central.

For more information on downloading Amazon VAT invoices, refer to VAT calculation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will VAT calculation service comply with the e-invoice requirement in Italy 2019?

Yes. If you have activated Amazon’s VAT calculation service, Amazon will create the invoice in XML-PA format and submit directly to the Tax portal, Sistema di Interscambio (SDI), on your behalf. For more information, refer to the EU VAT calculation service methodology document.

What does it mean to submit invoices (and credit notes) to SDI?

SDI is a portal owned and operated by the Italian government. All in-scope invoices must be submitted to SDI in a specific XML format. Invoices will go through an automatic authentication process, after which the submitting system will receive an acceptance receipt or rejection notice. SDI sends accepted invoices directly to the customer’s SDI mailbox.

When will Amazon submit invoices to SDI?

VAT calculation services creates and submits the invoice data via XML to the SDI as soon as that data is ready. The SDI then reviews this information and sends the official invoice directly to the customer.

How do I know whether SDI has accepted invoices or not?

E-Invoice status is available in the VCR report on Seller Central. VCR report has 5 additional columns that provides the details e-Invoice status information.

To download Amazon VAT invoices:

  • Sign in to Seller Central from the desktop version.
  • Under the Reports menu, select Tax Document Library.
  • In the Tax Document Library, select Amazon VAT Calculations.
  • Specify the date range for your report. Use the date pickers to specify the date range.

Click Request report

VCR Column Description Example value
SDI invoice delivery status

Shows the e-Invoice SDI validation and delivery status. It has 5 status values:

1 Rejected: Status when e-Invoice failed validation by SDI

2 Accepted: Status when e-invoice validated successfully

3 Pending: Status when validation awaiting

4 (Blank): Status for other PDF invoices

5 Accepted but failed to deliver: Status when received receipt of delivery impossibility

SDI invoice error code Error code returned by SDI for rejecting e-Invoice Error (00301)
SDI invoice error description Error description rassociated with error code returned by the SDI Error (00301): <IdCodice> non valido : 345678TEST. Suggerimento: Verificare che il campo IdFiscaleIVA/IdCodice del "CedentePrestatore" sia valido.
SDI invoice delivery date time Date and time of SDI validation and delivery 29-Oct-2020 UTC
E-Invoice URL Url to the e-Invoice that is transmitted to SDI for validation and delivery

How soon will VAT invoices be available in the Amazon VAT invoices?

VAT invoices will be available in the Amazon VAT invoices 3 days after the order has been shipped.

How can I download XML copies of invoices submitted to SDI?

E-Invoices copies are now available on Seller Central for bulk download. Seller can download the XML invoices directly from Tax Document library. To download Amazon VAT invoices:

  • Sign in to Seller Central from the desktop version.
  • Under the Reports menu, select Tax Document Library.
  • In the Tax Document Library, select Amazon VAT invoices
  • Specify the date range for your report. Use the date pickers to specify the date range. Note: If you cannot select a date range more than 7 days, you can set the report to recur after the end date
  • Select the file format for the VAT invoices.
    Note: XML invoices are only available for transactions between resident businesses in Italy with valid VAT registration number
  • Click Request report

I use VAT calculation service; what information I need do to provide for e-Invoicing?

You will need to provide your SDI account ID and certified email address in order for VAT calculation service to create and send an XML invoice on your behalf. To provide Amazon with your SDI information:

  1. In Seller Central, go to Settings and click Account Info.
  2. Under Tax Information, click VAT/GST Registration Number.
  3. Click Edit on your Italian VAT Registration Number.
  4. Enter your SDI account ID and certified email address.
  5. Click Save.

What happens if I do not provide SDI account ID and certified email address?

The VAT calculation service uses your SDI Account ID and Certified Email Address information as an indicator that you require an XML invoice to be created. Without this information a PDF invoice will be sent to your customer.

Where can I download the official XML invoice?

You will need to go to your personal Tax portal on the Italian Tax Authorities website to download the official XML invoice. Please note Amazon will provide a duplicate PDF document and duplicate XML invoice submitted to SDI for each order in Seller Central, but note this is not an official invoice. You can only receive the official invoice from the Tax portal.

How do I obtain SDI account ID and certified email address?

For more information on how to obtain SDI account ID and certified email address, visit the Interchange System website directly.

What will happen when there is a return order; will Amazon submit the credit note through SDI?

Yes. Amazon will create a credit note in XML-PA format and submit directly to SDI.

What do I do if a customer asks me for an invoice?

If you receive an invoice request from a customer, check whether the customer has registered the VAT number or tax code in their Amazon account. If the customer is an Amazon Business customer, the VAT calculation service will automatically issue the invoice.

In which cases does the VAT calculation service issue a receipt?

The VAT calculation service issues a purchase receipt for the following use cases:

  • If a seller dispatches goods from one of our European fulfillment centres but does not have a valid VAT registration number in that jurisdiction and for those orders a downloadable VAT invoice badge was granted.
  • If a seller self-fulfills their goods from outside the EU into the EU.
  • If a seller sells under their Italian VAT registration number to customers who have not provided a VAT registration number or a Codice Fiscal in their Amazon account.

How do I know if the VAT calculation service has issued an invoice or receipt for a customer?

You have at your disposal the VAT Calculation Service report in which you will find the information starting from the third day after the shipment. Before the three days, the following applies: If the customer is an Amazon Business customer (you can check it from the order detail where you will find evidence of the customer type), the invoice will be issued by the VAT calculation service. If the order does not have the Amazon Business badge on the order page and the customer has requested the invoice, you will need to check with the customer if they have entered the tax code or VAT number in their Amazon account. If you have entered this information, the VAT service has automatically issued an invoice. If you have not entered this information, the VAT service has issued a purchase receipt.

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