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This article applies to selling in: Germany

Product Bundling Policy

We consider a "bundle" any listing with multiple products under one ASIN. Generally, selling bundles should be limited, so as to keep listings clear for customers and to avoid repeat orders. However, we are aware that certain bundles offer advantageous pricing and selection for customers, so we strive to continue allowing these kinds of offers on our platform. Preferably, bundles should be created using the "Manage Promotions" tool in Seller Central.

Note: In 2014, the German Finance Ministry decided on a tax policy for package deals where a customer can buy a print version of a newspaper or magazine in combination with access to an electronic version of these publications. Starting January 1, 2016, printed publications must be taxed differently than electronic publications, at 7% and 19% respectively, even if both are offered for one flat fee. If you think your products are subject to this regulation, please consult a tax advisor.

We accept Bundles in the following cases:

  • Increased quantity of identical items: You can learn more about which information you will need to update for proper packaging of these bundles here.
  • Bundles that are also offered by Amazon (Retail) with the same ASIN and in the same quantity.
  • Bundles that are offered by a manufacturer with a unique EAN number and are defined as such.
  • Category-specific bundles that aren’t just more of the same item, but are a combination of items that are paired together:
    • Automotive: balaclava and motorcycle helmet.
    • Home Improvement: power/electric drill and matching bit box.
    • Office Supplies/Electronics/Computers: Camera, and accessories (for example, SD-cards, carrying case, lens cap, and batteries for camera XY), computers, and accessories (for example, keyboard, and mouse).
    • Movies, Music, and Games: complete series sets; for example, all Twilight movies, Bravo Hits 1-10.
    • Garden: Grill & Grilling Accessories (utensils, brushes, and hamburger press); patio furniture and table.
    • Sports & Leisure: GPS-devices and matching memory cards.
    • Jewelry: individual sets of matching jewelry elements (for example, with collector sets) that may account for a maximum of 10% of your total assortment.
    • Food:
      • Gift baskets and sets that are priced with occasion-appropriate gift packaging that unmistakably indicate the bundle is a gift.
      • Wine packages (these may contain different wine varieties and accessories; for example, glasses, corkscrews, etc. in increased quantities).
      • Sample sets that allow a customer to test the most possible varieties with the clear intent to buy a full-price item later. Therefore, only sample sizes of one to two portions/units per variety may be included (for example, a one-cup portion of each coffee blend, one bottle of each beer, one candy bar per flavor, etc.).
  • All products in bundles must comply with Amazon's selling policies. More specifically, all products within bundles must adhere to the guidelines for each category.

Examples for the Food category of permitted and non-permitted bundles that sellers can put together:

Permitted bundles Non-permitted bundles
Example Reason Example Reason
Corny brand nutty granola bar, 10 5-Ct. Packs Increased quantity of the same product Corny brand chocolate, hazelnut, and yogurt, 5-Ct. Packs each No increased quantity of the same item
Sample packets of protein powder with chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry flavor packets Sample sizes intended to persuade the customer to purchase a full order of the preferred flavor 2-Kg. can protein powder with free shaker Not offered by retail
Zen Garden Tea Gift Set Clearly designated as gift with gift packaging Vitalkost Metabolism booster pack 2 x 500g plus Acai powder Not intended as a gift
Tea sample set with small variety pack of 24 tea bags One-cup sample portions intended to persuade the customer to purchase a full order of the preferred flavor Tea lover’s package 3 x 100g bags in three flavors: mountain herb, jasmine, and earl grey Not defined as a bundle by the manufacturer
Beers of the World sample set One bottle of each beer type Top-quality espresso beans, various blends, 4 x 250g Not a sample size
The best medal winners in red wine Wine sample box Italian set of wine, pasta, and olives, without gift wrap Not a wine sample box
Note: We reserve the right to remove individual bundles of any kind from our catalog and change these guidelines at any time and at our discretion. Please stay informed about updates to our current policies.
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