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Suggest changes to your product detail page

How we choose information for the detail page

When multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page, Amazon automatically combines the best product data from various seller submissions to ensure customers get the best experience. Sellers and manufacturers can contribute product information on a product detail page. When evaluating contributions, we consider sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback, and A-to-z Guarantee claims.

Fix attributes on a product detail page

To fix a product detail page using the Manage Inventory page, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Manage Inventory page, click the Edit button next to the product you want to fix. This will open a new window with the Edit Product Info page.
  2. Select the appropriate tab to change the following information:

    Option Description
    Vital Info Update the title and key product information.
    Images Upload new images.
    Description Update the description and bullet points.

  3. Make your edits and then click Save.
    Note: To manage your images for a listing directly from Manage Inventory, click the Manage Images option in the Edit drop down menu for the listing. You will be able to provide suggestions for one main image and 8 additional images.
If your contribution is verfied by Amazon, they will show on the product detail page within 24 hours. If, after the allotted period, your contributions do not show on the product detail page, it means Amazon's system has selected another contributor's information that best describes the product based on the guidelines set by Amazon.
Important: If you are a brand owner, register products to your brand before suggesting changes to your product detail page. For more information, go to Registering products to your brand. If the suggestions made to the registered ASINs are not displayed after the above time-frame, contact Brand Registry Support.

Fix product variations on a detail page

Some product detail pages offer variations, such as color, pattern, and size. If you think a seller might have added a variation to a product that is different than what's indicated in the product detail page, we can fix it. Incorrect variations can lower customer confidence in whether they are buying the right product. Please refer the Help page Variation Relationships Overview for more details.

Before requesting a correction, review the following errors and examples:

Variation error Description Example
Different product The variation for the product is completely different from the product detail page. The product detail page is for a toaster, but the variation is for a pencil.
Same product, different brand The variation appears to be the same product, but is manufactured under different brands. The product detail page is for "Sony Stereo Headphones" but the variation is for "Bose Stereo Headphones."
Same brand, different product line The brands match, but the products are different. The product detail page is for "UGG Women's Classic Short Boot" but the variation is for "UGG Women's Slipper".
Similar product types The variation is for a product from a similar category, but for a different product type. The product detail page is for "Women's Leggings" but the variation is for "Women's Slacks."
Version The variation is for a different release version of the same product that is materially different from the previous version. The product detail page is for "Remote Control X4 Helicopter and 4 Button Remote" and the variation is for "Remote Control X5 Helicopter and 5 Button Remote."

If any of these scenarios exist, you can submit a request to us to fix it by using self-service tool by following the steps outlined in the Incorrect listing variation section of Contact Us page.

Proof requirement for updating attribute information on detail page

Important: If you aren’t the brand owner, you will need to provide proof supporting the suggested changes to the product detail page. Acceptable proofs for attribute update requests are:
  • Manufacturer's or publisher's (for books) website URL clearly showing the suggested changes, along with a visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.), if available.
  • High-resolution product pictures, clearly showing the suggested changes, along with a visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.).
  • A high-resolution photo of the item in its original packaging showing the product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.) code and the attribute or attributes that you need to change.

Manufacturer's or website URL is the only acceptable proof for product image update requests. Any requests without valid proof supporting the changes will not be accepted.

Fix Matching errors on product detail page

In some categories, you may face errors showing that your contribution does not match the information in our systems. These errors are referred to as "Matching errors". This is to protect essential product information from being overwritten without proof of the correct information.

Error Message:

Attribute: The value 'XXX' specified cannot be used as it conflicts with the value 'XYZ' for ASIN Z in the Amazon catalogue. If this is ASIN 'B0XXXXXXXX', update the value to match the ASIN data. If this is a different product, update identifying information (UPC/EAN/Part Number/etc).

How to solve the error:

  1. Check if the EAN you are using is matching with the product you are trying to list. If not, update the correct product ID information (EAN/UPC/Part number/etc.).
  2. Adjust the value according to the value already existing in our system.
  3. Set the quantity to '0' to avoid incorrect orders.
  4. Submit a request to us to fix incorrect values at Request a product detail page change.
    Note: Please note that your offer must be active while requesting a change.

Please keep in mind that we need a valid proof showing a relation between the EAN/UPC/Part Number/etc. used and the correct item values. If you are a brand owner or a manufacturer, consider registering products to your brand.

Note: The Apparel, Eyewear, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, and Watch categories have a specific display logic for the bullet points on the main product detail page. Instead of showing the attribute “bullet points”, they will instead show technical attributes that will better inform customers about your products.

To have the full list of those technical attributes that are shown at the place of the bullet points, we strongly recommend you to check the Help page Product Page Style Guides for those categories.

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