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Categories and products requiring approval

How to request approval?

  1. In Seller Central, click the Inventory drop-down menu and select Add a Product.
  2. Search for the product that you want to sell.
  3. In the search results, click the link Listing limitations apply to the right of the product.
  4. Click the Request Approval button to begin the application process. The Request Approval link will include the application requirements and instructions on how to provide the requested information.
  5. Submit the application. Within a few days, our seller support applications team will either approve the application or get in touch for more information.
  6. To check the status of an application, return to the Add a Product tool and click the Manage your selling applications link.
Note: If you wish to sell a product that is not currently offered on Amazon but requires approval, first create the product. Once the product has been created, it will be put in inactive status on the Manage Inventory page. Click Edit and apply to list the product.

What can I sell?

Categories requiring approval Open categories
Products in categories requiring approval can be listed only with specific permissions from Amazon. Only sellers with a Professional Selling Plan subscription can sell in these categories. Amazon limits access to sell in these categories to help ensure that sellers meet standards for product and listing quality as well as other category-specific requirements. These standards help Amazon customers have confidence when buying in any category. More than 20 categories are open for selling on Amazon; products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Amazon. Some categories only allow listings for new products. Some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow.

Already know which products you want to sell?

Find your products in the table below to learn whether they are in open categories or in categories requiring approval. Review any category-specific requirements or guidelines and be sure you can meet those specifications.

Note: This table only applies to category level restrictions.


Sellers may be required to meet special requirements in order to list some products. Both individual and Professional Sellers can offer products in these categories, except where noted. If you receive a message that the product you want to list is restricted to approved sellers, follow the process and contact us for approval.

Product category Type of Products Conditions Allowed Approval Required
Automotive Parts, Tools & Equipment, Accessories New, Renewed, Used, Collectible
  • No, but all products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Find out more on considerations and requirements that may apply in the Automotive category.
Apparel Outerwear, Athletic Wear, Innerwear, Belts, Wallets New only
  • No approval required.
  • Find additional guidance to sell Clothing
Baby Products Pushchairs & Prams, Car Seats, High Chairs, Toys, Furniture, Bedding, Feeding, Changing, Monitors, Safety, Potty Training New only
  • No, but all products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Approval may be required to sell in the Toys & Games category during the winter holiday season. Find out more on Holiday Selling requirements in Toys and Games Category.
Beer, Wine & Spirits Spirits, Liqueurs, Wine, Beer, Cider New only
  • No approval required
  • Find out more on Seller/Product/FBA/Document requirements for Beer, Wine & Spirits category.
  • To know more on examples of permitted/prohibited, see the page onAlcohol.
Beauty Fragrance, Skincare, Makeup, Hair Care, Bath & Shower. See also Health & Personal Care. New only
  • No approval required.
  • Find out more on prohibited listings in Cosmetics category.


Streaming Media Players

Music, Books, Video/DVD/ Blu-ray New, Renewed, Used, Collectible
  • No, but specific consideration may apply if you are not the right owners or licensed distributor of the music you want to sell.
  • Products in the Streaming Media Player category must meet listed requirements in order to be sold on Amazon. (These requirements address concerns about the infringement of material protected by copyright).
Computing Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Printers, Computing Accessories New, Renewed, Used,
Consoles & Video Games Consoles and video games New, Renewed, Used,
Consumer Electrics TVs, Audio (inc. car audio), GPS, Phones, Cameras, Electronic Accessories New, Certified Renewed, Used,
DIY & Tools Hand Tools, Hardware, Work wear, Site & Safety Equipment, Fire Alarms & Security, Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Electrical, Decorating, Garden & Landscaping Tools, Building Material, Plumbing & Bath, Parts New, Certified Renewed, Used,
Garden & Outdoors Seeds & Plants, Birds & Wildlife, Pest Control, Plant Care, Décor & Lighting, Tools & Accessories, Leisure & Fitness, Garden Furniture, Stuctures & Ponds, Outdoor Living New, Certified Renewed, Used,
Grocery Beverages, Baby Food, Biscuits & Snacks, Confectionery, Cereals, Cooking & Baking, Seasoning & Condiments, Tinned Food, Pasta & Rice, Spreads, Sauces, Fresh & Frozen Food, Hampers, Home-Care & Cleaning New Only
  • Available to Professional sellers only.
  • No approval required. Find out more on requirements to sell in Food and Beverage Category.
Health and Personal Care First Aid, Nutrition. See also Beauty. New Only
Health and misc.
Kitchen & Home Appliances: Small Appliances, Home Appliances, Parts, Home Living: Homeware, Furniture, Home Decor, Kitchen & Dining, Lighting, Arts & Crafts New, Certified Renewed, Used,
Large Appliances Cookers & Ovens, Dishwashers, Fridges & Freezers, Washing Machines & Tumble Driers, Parts New, Certified Renewed, Used,
Lighting Lights and Fixtures, Light Bulbs, Lighting Accessories, Torches New, Certified Renewed, Used. Lights bulbs new only.
Jewellery Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets (see also Watches) New Only
  • Available to Professional sellers only.
  • Approval required. Find out more about requirements to sell in Jewellery category.
Musical Instruments DJ Equipment and Musical Instruments New, Renewed, Used
Office Products Printer Ink, Office Supplies, Office Furniture New, Renewed, Used, Collectible
Collectibles Currency, Coins, Cash Equivalents and Gift Cards
Personal Care Appliances Hair Care Appliances, Oral Care Appliances, Skincare Appliances, Shaving and Hair-Removal Appliances, Foot care Appliances, Healthcare Appliances & Equipment, Massage Equipment, Tanning Appliances, Scales, SAD Lights, Independent Living & Mobility, Tattoo Equipment and Accessories, Muscle or Joint Supports (long lasting), Nail and Care Appliances, Weighing Scale & Equipment New Only

Pet Supplies Pet Food, Habitats, Apparel, Training, Grooming, Healthcare, Toys, Leads, Aquatics, Terraristics New Only
Shoes & Accessories Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slippers, Shoes Accessories, Handbags, Wallets New Only
  • No, but may be required for specific products. Available to Professional sellers only.
Software & PC Games Computer Software, Video and PC games New, Renewed, Used, Collectible
Sporting Goods Sports Equipment, Bikes, Tents, Fan Gear New Only
  • No but all products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
Toys & Games Games & Puzzles, Outdoor & Sports Toys, Arts, Crafts & School Supplies, Vehicles, Dolls, Plush, Building Sets, Learning & Exploration, Infants/Pre-School, Action Figures, Fancy Dress New, Renewed, Used, Collectible
  • No but all products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Approval may be required to sell in the Toys & Games category during the winter holiday season. Find out more on Holiday Selling requirements in Toys and Games.
Watches All Watches New
  • Available to Professional sellers only.
  • No approval required. Amazon limits the addition of sellers in the Watches category to ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Amazon.
Weapons Pallet knives, Scissors, Toy guns, Razor blades, Bullets for BB and airsoft guns that are not classed as munition
  • Approval required.
  • Find out more on permitted and prohibited products for Weapons category.

Restricted products

Certain products may not be listed at all on Amazon. To know more, see Category, Product and Content Restrictions and Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct.

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