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Use Feeds to Add Business Prices and Quantity Discounts

Use feeds to add business prices and quantity discounts

Add business prices and quantity discounts to your listings by downloading the feed file and adding business prices and quantity discounts to it. All standard feed instructions apply.

Note: This does not change or replace your existing offer; it adds business features to it. If you want to create an offer for business customers only, create a business-only offer.

Download the business-specific feed files

To load business prices, you must use one of these feed files:

  • If you have an existing offer, you do not have to create a new offer for business pricing and quantity discounts. Simply add business pricing and quantity discounts to your existing offer on Amazon with standard customer prices by using the Business Price/Quantity File. After downloading this file, complete the steps in Add business prices and quantity discounts to your feed file below.
  • If you have not previously sold this product on Amazon, do the following:
    1. Create a listing using a category-specific feed.
    2. Add business prices and quantity discounts by completing the steps in Add business prices and quantity discounts to your feed file below.

Add business prices and quantity discounts to your feed file

After downloading your feed file, complete the following steps. This adds business features to your existing offer; it does not change or replace your existing offer.

  1. To review requirements, open the Data Definitions tab in the Business Price/Quantity File or category-specific feed file.
  2. Open the Template worksheet.
  3. Required: Add a business price in the business-price row. You must add a business price before adding quantity discounts. Your business price must be less than or equal to your standard price. If your business price is higher than your standard price, your business price will be deactivated.
  4. Optional: If you want to enter quantity discounts, enter your quantity discounts model (fixed or percent) in the quantity-price-type row. With a fixed model, enter prices of your choosing for each discount tier. With a percent model, enter percent discounts for each tier. The percent discounts are calculated based on your business price.
  5. Open the Price Template worksheet.
  6. In the quantity-price-type column, select the discount model you want to use (fixed or percent).
  7. Specify your quantity tiers by setting lower-bounds in the quantity-lower-bound1, quantity-lower-bound2, etc. rows. Lower-bounds represent the quantity at which a discount becomes active. For example, if you want to offer only a quantity discount for customers who buy 10 or more units, enter 10 in the quantity-lower-bound1 field. You can specify up to 5 tiers in the rows labeled quantity-lower-bound1 through quantity-lower-bound5. Each lower-bound has a price, such as quantity-price1, associated with it in the column adjacent to the right.
  8. Specify your quantity discounts. If you are using a fixed model, enter the quantity-prices you want to charge in the quantity-price1, quantity-price2, etc. columns. For example, If you want to charge 10 € per item when purchasing 5 items, 7 € per item when purchasing 10 items, and 4 € per item when purchasing 15 items, enter the following:

    If you are using a percent model, enter a number between 0 and 99 for the discount you want to offer. For example, if you want to offer 5% off the total when 3 items are purchased, 10% off the total when 6 items are purchased, and 15% off the total when 9 items are purchased, enter 5 in the quantity-price1 field, 10 in the quantity-price2 field, and 15 in the quantity-price3 field:

    Note: For the fixed model only, each consecutive quantity-price must be lower than the last; quantity-price2 must be lower than quantity-price1, and so on.

    Your percent discount will be calculated against your business price. If you are an FBA seller, leave the quantity and leadtime-to-ship columns blank. These fields are used for merchant-fulfilled network (MFN) listings, and entering a value in them will convert your offer to an MFN offer.

  9. In MS Excel, select Save Asand save your file as Text (Tab-delimited) (*.txt).
  10. Upload your file by going to the Inventory menu and selecting Add Products via Upload. When uploading your file, use the Price & Quantity File option.
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