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Resolving Fulfilment Listing Errors

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This page outlines the causes and solutions to common errors related to Amazon-fulfilled listings.

This guide provides causes and solutions to common errors relating to your Inventory Amazon Fulfils listings. There are three error messages you could encounter:

  • No listing exists for this inventory item.
  • No Amazon Fulfiled listing exists for this inventory item.
  • Item not in catalogue.

Follow the procedures below the resolve the fulfilment listing errors.

Identify missing listings

Without an inventory listing, your item cannot be seen or purchased on  Even though you may see the inventory item on the "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page, you need to verify there is a corresponding offer in your "All Inventory View".

  1. Copy the Merchant SKU of the listing that has the error associated with it. Important: Merchant SKUs are case-sensitive! 
  2. Click the "All Inventory View" link near the top of the page, and Search for the affected Merchant SKU in the "All Inventory View".

Listing Exists in "All Inventory View"

  1. If you were able to find your listing Merchant SKU on the "All Inventory View" page, make sure the following conditions are true about the listing:
  2. If all three conditions above are true for your listing (and you have verified that you have a Fulfilable Quantity on the "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page), copy the ASIN/ISBN, and search for the ASIN/ISBN on and review the "Offer Listing" page to see if your FBA offer is available. Note: If you cannot find your offer on the Offer Listing Page, Contact Seller Support for assistance resolving the issue.
  3. If you find your listing on the "Offer Listings" page, your offer is still active, and no further action is required.  If the "No Listing Exists for This Inventory Item" error still displays on your "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page, click "refresh" on your browser.  If the error message persists, Contact Seller Support to request assistance suppressing the message.
  4. If any of the three conditions listed above are not true, follow the procedures for the corresponding condition.
    The ASIN/ISBN in the Inventory Amazon Fulfils view does not match the ASIN/ISBN in the All Inventory View. Delete the existing Merchant_SKU from the All Inventory View page. Learn how to Create a new FBA Listing.
    Your Price is empty Enter a price for your offer. You can enter the price right in the field and click the "Save changes" button at the top right or bottom right of the "All Inventory View". You can also click the "Edit" button to the right of the listing, edit the price, the click "Save".
    Fulfiled by Merchant If the listing is "Fulfiled by Merchant", check the box to the left of the listing and select "Convert to "Fulfiled by Amazon" from the drop-down menu located above your list of products and follow the instructions.

No Listing Exists in "All Inventory View"

If you do not have a listing in the "All Inventory View" for the items found on the "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page, you can create the corresponding listing. When you re-create the listing on the "All Inventory View" page, make sure the following information matches the FBA listing found on the "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page. (Go to Identifying missing listings)

  • ASIN
  • Condition
  • Merchant_SKU

Once you have gathered these three pieces of information (from the "Inventory Amazon Fulfils" page), you can either use your own system/process for adding a listing to your catalogue (which may include Flat Files or XML feeds), or you can follow these steps to correct the listing via your Seller Account:

Create a new FBA Listing

  1. Click the "Add a product" link located at the top right top of the table on the "All Inventory View". 
  2. Search for the ASIN of the listing with the error. 
  3. Click the "Sell Yours" button and enter the required fields.
  4. In the Seller SKU field, enter the Merchant SKU of the listing with the error
  5. For Your shipping methods select "I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell".
  6. Click "Save & Continue". The Convert and Send Inventory window comes up.
  7. Follow the instructions to convert to "Fulfiled By: Amazon" and create a shipment. Once you have the item listed, you can cancel the shipment.
This change can take up to one hour to appear on If the offer is still not appearing on after one hour,
Contact Seller Support for help resolving the listing issue.
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