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FBA Label Service

For eligible products that require a barcode label, you can have Amazon apply those barcode labels for you for a per-item fee.


To be eligible for the FBA Label Service, products must meet the following requirements:

  • Condition: Any (new, used, collectible, refurbished)
  • Product type: Any (media and non-media)
  • Not prohibited, restricted, or high-value
  • Have a single scannable barcode (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)
Important: If the product doesn’t have a manufacturer barcode, an Amazon barcode label must be applied to the item.

Amazon will, at our sole discretion, determine which products meet the eligibility requirements for the FBA Label Service. We reserve the right to disqualify products from this service that otherwise meet the above requirements.

Terms and conditions

By enabling the FBA Label Service, you agree to allow Amazon to apply barcode labels to your eligible inventory in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • We will apply Amazon barcodes to your eligible items upon arrival at the fulfillment center using the product information that you provide.
  • You can choose to apply barcode labels to individual products yourself by selecting Merchant under Who labels? during the shipment creation process.
  • We may instruct you to divide shipments so that items destined for the FBA Label Service are packed together.
  • Shipments that are directed to the FBA Label Service may be further divided into multiple shipments.

For products that do not qualify for the FBA Label Service, you are responsible for applying any required Amazon barcode. For more information, go to Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory.

For eligible products, you can use the manufacturer barcode to track your inventory. For more information, go to Use virtual tracking to commingle inventory.

How to change your FBA Label Service option

You can change your FBA Label Service option in your Fulfillment by Amazon settings.

  1. In the Settings drop-down menu, select Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. In the Optional services section, click Edit.
  3. Under Who labels? select Amazon to enroll in the FBA Label Service or Merchant to cancel your enrollment.
  4. Click Update.
Important: The new setting is applied to shipments that you create after you change your preference. If you want the new setting to apply to a shipment that you’re currently working on, you must delete the shipment and create a new one.

How to identify FBA Label Service shipments

Shipments destined for the FBA Label Service can by identified by the following:

  • FBA pallet or box labels that include FBA-PREP in the upper left-hand corner
  • The message Item labels: required (Label Service) in the shipment details in your Shipping Queue
  • References to the FBA Label Service and estimated related fees on the Label products tab of the shipment creation workflow

FBA Label Service fee

For items enrolled in standard FBA, you will be charged a per-item fee of €0.15 for envelopes (maximum height is 5 cm), €0.25 for parcels, and €0.35 for oversize items To learn about label service fees for products that are enrolled in FBA Small and Light, go to FBA Prep Service.

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