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Video Loader Instructions

The Video Loader is a bulk page-creation and page-matching tool for sellers who list products in our Video & DVD category. The Video Loader template has tabs with Instructions, Image information, Data definitions, Examples, and Valid values. The template also has four macros.

When you submit an Inventory File using the Video Loader, Amazon will either match your listing data to an existing product page in the Amazon catalog or create a new product detail page if none exist.

The Video Loader File Template

An Inventory File is a tab-delimited text file that contains the product-related data Amazon needs to create product detail pages for listing your products in our catalog. The information in inventory files is also used to classify products for inclusion in browse structures and search results.

A Video Loader file is an Inventory file that contains the information we need to list your Video (tape media) and DVD (disc media) products in our catalog and to offer them for sale on Amazon. With the Video Loader, you can create multiple new product pages and offerings using a single file. This is more efficient than using the Add a Product tool, with which you may create only one product page at a time.

There are four basic steps to using the Video Loader:

Download the template:

Download the Video Loader File template from the templates table on the Inventory File Templates page. You can also access this page from the menu in the Upload Products & Inventory tool in Seller Central. Save the template to your desktop.

Create your inventory file:

Enter detailed information about the products you want to sell on the "Video Template" tab of the file to build your spreadsheet. You can manually enter product details one-by-one, or if you have macros enabled, you can import an existing file containing your product information using the Import File macro.

Validate your listing data:

Check the product information you entered for errors. If you have macros enabled, you can automate this process by clicking the "Validate" button from the Video Loader File menu. The macro checks data completeness and greatly reduces upload failures due to input errors.

Upload your file to Amazon:

Click the "Upload File" button from the Video Loader File menu and enter the email address and password for your selling account.

Downloading the template

To create your file, first download the Video Inventory file template to your hard drive. The template is a Microsoft Excel file that contains a pre-formatted worksheet where you provide your product data. It also includes additional worksheets to help you complete the template.

Video Loader file tabs

When you open the template, you will see several tabs along the bottom of the workbook:

Tab name Description
Instructions An overview of how to use the product template.
Image Info Information on how to include images in your upload. Includes file type requirements and naming conventions as well as size, DPI, and style requirements.
Data Definitions

A detailed review of each field in the inventory file, including label name, definition, use case, accepted values, and an example.

Yellow rows indicate required information. To have your product listing upload properly, you must complete all required fields.

Orange rows indicate desired information. Desired columns give customers the basic information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. It is highly recommended that you fill in all desired cells. Not doing so may result in poor product descriptions, and/or make your product offering hard to find.

White rows indicate optional information. Optional information may be useful, but not critical, when offering a product for sale. We encourage you to fill out all optional cells that apply to your products.

Template This is the actual worksheet in which you enter your product data using the specifications listed in the Data Definitions tab. This worksheet contains a row to help Amazon know which template you are using and another row with column headings (label names) representing each of the fields in your inventory file. It has color-coded column headers to indicate whether the field is required (yellow), desired (orange), or optional (white).
Examples Example of a completed template tab with product data entered correctly.
Valid Values Lists of valid values for each type of data found in the template tab.

Video Loader file macros

On the Add-Ins menu in the toolbar at the top of the template, you will find four macros:

  • Validate
  • Upload file
  • Import file
  • Update template

With these macros, you can validate your data and learn how to correct any errors, as well as automate some of the tasks in populating and uploading your file. These macros are designed to simplify your experience and are highly recommended.

Building your Video Loader file

On the Video Template tab of your Video Loader File template, enter the product data for those items you want to list on Amazon. You'll find that each column is color-coded to match the corresponding row on the explanatory Data Definitions tab that indicates whether the field is required, desired, or optional.

The Data Definitions tab contains details for each field in the template, including a label name, definition, use case, accepted values, and an example. The Valid Values tab has lists of the values accepted for some types of data found in the template tab. Refer to these tabs to complete your template correctly.

When you have finished entering product information in your file, we recommend that you use the Validation macro in the template to make sure that your information meets the requirements for each field.

Additional information about required, desired, and optional fields is provided below.

Required Video Loader fields


Stock keeping unit

A SKU is a unique identifier and is assigned by the seller. After you have established a SKU for a product, please do not try changing it without first explicitly deleting the associated product data from our system.

external product-id

Manufacturer barcode

A standard, alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the product. This could be a UPC, EAN or GTIN. The product-id value is required to create a new item in the Amazon catalog.

external product-id-type

Manufacturer barcode type

The type of standard, unique identifier that was entered for the product-id. This field is required when entering the product-id to create a new item in the Amazon catalog.


Product name

Product’s title, which will be displayed on the product detail page and in the order.


German age rating

Use this field to enter the appropriate FSK age rating for the movie.


Sale price

The price the seller is asking for the product, entered in Euros.



Enter the quantity of items that you are offering for sale. This number should reflect your current, guaranteed stock on hand. If you participate in Fulfilled by Amazon, leave this space blank for all FBA products.

You can find more details on acceptable values and examples in the Data Definitions tab right in the file template.


Product Desciption (running text)

A text description of the product. If "####" symbols are shown in your Excel spreadsheet for this field instead of your text, clear the formatting of the cell. To do this, go to the Editing section on the right-hand side of the Home menu, and click on "Clear Formats" from the "Clear" drop-down menu.

feed_product_type Specifies the type of product.


Please enter the region the film was made available in.


Release Date

The release date for this product.


Product Condition

Classification of the condition the product is in. The item-note field cannot be left empty if this field is filled in.


Condition Description

Description of the item’s condition. This field cannot be empty if the condition-type field is filled in.


Expedited Shipping

This field indicates whether expedited shipping is offered.

will_ship_internationally Indicates which regions/countries the item ships to.

Country of origin

The country the film was produced in.

subject keywords


Enter the genres of the DVDs/Blu-rays so that your customers can find your products more easily.



Enter the film’s actors or performers here.



Enter the film’s director(s) here.



Enter the film’s producers here.



Enter the film’s production studio here.


Language Subtitles

Enter the available language subtitles here.



Enter the current soundtrack language here in combination with the audio-encoding field.


Audio Encoding

Enter the soundtrack’s audio encoding here in combination with the audio_encoding_language field.


Region Release for Blu-rays

The region release for Blu-rays that you can normally find on the back of every Blu-ray case.


Region Release for DVDs

The region release for DVDs that you can normally find on the back of every DVD case.

number_of_discs Number of DVDs or cassettes in the product packaging.
runtime Running Time (in minutes).
format1 - format5

Screen Format

Enter the film’s screen format, which is usually available on the product packaging.

is_adult_product Classification for adult products.

Screen aspect ratio

The screen aspect ratio (width to height of the monitor tube) that the film is shown in.

3d_technology This indicates the processes used to create the 3-D effects.
update_delete Indicates the procedural action type per data entry that will be carried out upon upload: Update, PartialUpdate, or Delete.

Optional fields


A code that indicates the countries to which you are willing to ship. In the absence of a value in this field, the default global shipping settings will be used.


The country that the item was manufactured in. See the Valid Values tab for a list of country codes.


By including specific values in this field, you can add, update, and close listings or delete SKUs from your current inventory.

  • Adding or updating products - To add a new product to your current inventory or update the information in an existing inventory, upload your file with an "a" in this column for the desired product. When no value is provided in this field, the record will be applied as an add/modify.
  • Closing a listing - To remove an offer from sale but retain the product listing details, upload your file with a "d" in this field for the desired listings. The product listing data will remain in the system. (Alternatively, you may leave the add-delete field blank and set the quantity field to "0" to remove a listing from sale. You may then update the quantity once your stock has been replenished.)
  • Deleting a listing record (SKU) - To delete a listing and remove all product data related to a SKU, upload your file with an "x" in this field for the desired listing. All product information for these listings will be completely removed and cannot be recovered. If you want to offer this product again, you will need to re-add it. It is recommended that you not delete your listings, but close them instead, so that the data will be retained.

Uploading your file

You can also upload your file using the Upload Products & Inventory tool in Seller Central. To upload your file through Seller Central, first save the "Video Template" worksheet to your hard drive in tab-delimited text (.txt) format. See Saving Your Inventory File for instructions. For information about using the Upload Products & Inventory tool, see Upload My Inventory File.

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