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The pages below include practical demonstrations of how to prepare your inventory for shipment to Amazon fulfilment centres.

Get started with FBA Video Tutorials How to set up your account and create online shipments to Amazon fulfilment centres.
FBA Prep Video Tutorials How to prep products that require special packing prior to shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres.
FBA Labeling Video Tutorials How to label your products for storage in Amazon fulfilment centres.
FBA Packing Video Tutorials How to pack boxes, case-packs, and pallets for safety and efficiency.

Watch the "How to Create a Shipment to Amazon Fulfilment Centers" Video Tutorial

The Shipment Creation Workflow allows you to create a shipment to our fulfilment centres in these 6 easy steps:

  1. Set Quantity
  2. Prepare Products
  3. Label Products
  4. Preview Shipments
  5. Prepare Shipment
  6. View Summary

First, you must choose the products in your inventory that you wish to ship to Amazon. You can do this either from the Manage FBA Inventory page or from the Manage Inventory page.

Select each product you want to ship and then choose Send/Replenish Inventory from the Apply to Selected Item(s) drop-down menu on

Manage FBA Inventory or the Actions drop-down menu on the Manage Inventory page.
You will then be directed to the Send/Replenish Inventory page where you will make the following decisions:

  • Create a new Shipping Plan or Add to an Existing Shipping plan: If you have open shipping plans you can quickly choose an open plan from the drop down menu once you select Add to an Existing Shipping Plan.
  • Confirm your ship-from address: If it is correct, do nothing. Otherwise you can choose the Ship from another address link and enter in a new ship-from address.
  • Choose which packing type you are shipping to Amazon: Here you will select either individual products or case-packed products. Learn more about packing types.
Once you have made your choices, choose the Continue to shipping plan button to begin the workflow.

FBA Video Tutorials

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