Amazon Translation of Product descriptions and website to EU 5 different?


I receive the seller-central in German and the other various languages and must translate with the translate page setting to read. Does Amazon offer this translation in reverse? Meaning do they take your native product language and translate it into the 5 different languages of the Europe sites.



to say it short: No.

Please note that you are required to offer customer service in the language of the platform on which you sell on Amazon (de, fr, uk, it, es).

If you cannot provide such a support you should hire associates who can.

Be aware that you might get blocked from our seller performance department in cases where customers complain about the case that you do not offer support in the language of the country where you offer your items.

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they do. from now!


Good evening,

If they can properly understand the translation , not because the amazon texts translated incorrectly .

Do they still have the opportunity to use the normal internet talking translator .

I am German and international always get emails from amazon .

But unfortunately the very poorly translated to my language .

That’s why I always use the google translator spoke .

I hope I could help them .

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